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We proudly present our multi-purpose software and hardware solution for remote control of many electronic and electrical devices like gates, lights,  heating boilers, temperature sensor, CCTV cameras and even irrigation system.

On this pages you will also find a lot of useful articles about smart buildging and DIY free solutions.

We offer both free and commercial software and hardware products and services.

For Home and Business use

Our products are targeted to both home and office. For non-commercial user, our software is completly free of charge.
You can freely use of our knowlege and download software for Raspberry PI Smart home solution.

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Since 2020 March we started our e-shop with electronics and accessories. Our offer is growing. Before placing order please read :

Mobile phones / Smartphones – best in 2020

A modern telephone is much more than a telephone conversation device. Today, a smartphone connected to the internet to a mobile entertainment and business center. It’s a miniature computer in your pocket that has a lot of possibilities. You can choose the method of many models that differ in size, speed of the processor, size of the memory and quality of the camera.

We also provide interesting information and tips on smartphones, for example How to use smartphone for opening gate.

Television Sets – Flat screen OLED & LED

TV sets have permanently appeared in our homes. In addition to the original function associated with watching movies and TV shows – today they perform additional tasks. The TV is often used as a large, additional screen for your smartphone when you want to show its content to more people. Increasingly, it also plays the role of a home entertainment center as part of a set with a game console or home cinema. Our offer includes televisions from leading global brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG

If you already own a TV set you may be interested in where is the camera on my smart tv?

On the other hand, if you have CCTV IP Cameras in your office or home and you want to view them on LG or Samsung TV set, your can check our CCTV Streaming Tool for LG and Samsung TVs.

In 2022 we have also prepared a tutorial about how to locate and disable mic on Smart TV.

Smartwatches & Activity trackers

We all know that movement on a fresh air is very much needed for proper human development and a healthy life. Intelligent bands and smart watches allow you to track your progress, monitor health parameters, examine your condition and motivate you to further development. In some cases, the fit band may also provide safety for children due to the GPS positioning capability

In cooperation with SpySat we can offer remote control of intelligent buildings using smartwatches and eSim Tracker services.

Gas boilers for home and office use – cheap , green source of heating

Modern gas boilers are one of the best ways to heat residential and office buildings in winter. Such furnaces do not generate smog and the carbon footprint is very small. We recommend that you take an interest in condensing boilers from recognized manufacturers. These devices ensure high heating efficiency, low operating costs and environmental protection. Our specialists also work on proprietary solutions that allow for remote control of gas boilers, e.g. via a smartphone.