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Home automation services

Our proprietary solutions that integrate electrical and electronic devices in homes are implemented on three continents: in the United States of America, Australia , and in Europe.

CCTV monitoring

Remote for lights

Smartphone – remote

Our team of Engineers and Electronics specialists is at your disposal. In our research department, we develop new technologies for hardware and software integration of various devices.
In our work we use microcontrollers and microcomputers, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. we work with companies that produce integrated circuits that are necessary in some of our projects.

We have a constantly expanding network of local distributors and installers of our solutions. The global scope of activities guarantees the state to provide technical support and assistance in the event of problems with our products.

 We invite you to contact us for free pricing solutions.

We are open to any challenges in any non-standard orders for home automation, integration of devices unadapted for integration by the manufacturer, as well as modifications and manufacturing of interesting automatic solutions.

We offer you variety of services related to home automation like

  • CCTV Surviellance / Video monitoring
  • HD Audio & Video Home theater systems
  • Lighting control
  • Gate, security system control
  • Electronic devices remote control by smart-phones and wearables (smart-watches)

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