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Where is the camera on my LG smart TV?

January 9, 2020 12 By Smarthomes

If you are wondering where to find the camera in your Smart on the TV then this article is for you.
Many people wrote to our editorial office with questions about the location of the camera on TVs of well-known manufacturers such as LG or Samsung

In this article, we will try to answer the question Where are the cameras built-in TVs factory-mounted by smart TV manufacturers such as LG or Samsung.

We will also answer other questions bothering our readers, e.g.

  • How to turn off the build-in camera on the Smart TV
  • Can the TV spy on me through the camera?
  • Can an Internet criminal (hacker) gain remote access to my camera?
  • Is it possible to remotely preview through the camera built into the TV?
  • How TV manufacturers protect the privacy of their users.
  • why more and more users are choosing to stick the cam to their devices
  • Why does the TV have a built-in camera?

Why does the TV have a built-in camera?

To begin with, we will answer the question why TV producers install cameras in the latest models.
Modern TVs with Smart functions have now become home entertainment centers that can be compared to a computer from the 90s. These devices are usually permanently connected to the internet using a LAN cable or WiFi network and thus the range of functions that such a multimedia entertainment center device can offer us increases.
Currently, televisions have operating systems known from devices such as smartphones or tablets and allow

  • internet browsing
  • online shopping
  • application download
  • using streaming services, e.g. Netflix, HBO Go
  • playing games
  • video conferencing

Manufacturers are adding more peripherals, sensors and additional devices such as microphones, cameras, infrared camera movement sensors and the like to increase the comfort of using the TV and the range of smart functions offered.
Interenet of things is a novelty in which a home TV set has it top place like a central control panel.

The camera built into the TV can be used to make video calls using video communicators such as Skype, Hangout or Messenger

Another popular function for which we use the camera built into the television is the so-called gesture control known from devices such as the X Box console and the Kinect controller

As with cars that recognize characters, standard cameras are used for imaging, sometimes also equipped with infrared filters. The use of such a camera allows it to “see” in total darkness

The device What is the TV set equipped with the gesture detection function must therefore monitor the front field at all, i.e. the place where the TV viewers sit giving commands using gestures.

Privacy concerns related to the use of cameras on televisions.

How to find camera in LG or Samsung smart TV

Recently, the internet circulates a lot of information and problems related to security and the protection of privacy in such devices

At several conferences on the security and protection of privacy of Internet users and raised the topic of poor security of TVs and thus the possibility of remote access to cameras using malware.

Something that seemed science fiction a few years ago today is trully possible. We are talking about hacking into a television by a hacker and spying using the camera.

Hacking into the TV and gaining remote access to the camera is a very serious breach of privacy and is a cause for concern for many users of televisions with Smart functions.

How to protect your TV from unauthorized viewing through a TV LG camera.

As in the case of laptops, some users, fearing for the protection of their privacy, decide to blind the lens of the camera built into the laptop or TV in order to feel safer despite the limited function.

The physical covering of the camera lens is the only one hundred percent method of protection against potential takeover of the camera by an attacking hacker.

How to find camera in LG or Samsung smart TV?

Covering the lens seems like a simple task but only if we know where the camera is. Chasing modern design, TV producers use such materials that it is very difficult to see the camera’s with naked eye. The progressive miniaturization of the cameras themselves also makes many people wonder where the cameras on their home TVs are because it is really difficult to find them.

To meet expectations of our readers – we have prepared the following list. We want to help locate cameras on a Smart TVs
Just click on the desired TV model and you will be taken to the appropriate instructions.

If you can’t find your camera and the model is not on our list – please look for the model closest to you.
It often happens that the models from one series have a camera located in a similar place. You may be also wondering if your TV has a build in camera. We are working of special finder and TV Browser and soon you will be able to check all necessary knowledge.  

Below we have gathered a list of popular models of TVs of popular manufacturers along with instructions Where is the camera.

This will allow the camera lens to be sealed using, for example, insulating tape or other impervious material.

Covering the tape with a camera lens tape on a Smart TV does not violate the manufacturer’s warranty and at the same time provides us with 100% certainty that even if our TV is attacked by malware, there will be no violation of user’s privacy.

List TV with build-in camera

This is the latest list of TV models with built-in video camera.

LG55LA8600Find camera
SamsungUA46F8000ARFind camera

Some of the models presented below are actually discontinued. Please visit our page regularly for further updates.

Click here for the whole list download

My Smart TV is not on the list – how to find the camera then?

If you can not find your smart TV model on the list above – don’t worry. We will show you an experimental way to check if the TV has a built-in camera.

How to check if the TV has a built-in video camera

First of all you need to know that there There are two basic functions that prove that your Smart TV is equipped with a video camera:

  1. Your TV has an application for video calling – e.g. Skype or Hangouts
  2. Your TV has a gesture control function.

If your TV set is equipped with at least one of the above-mentioned functions, you can proceed to the second step, which is locating the camera in the TV housing

Where is the camera on my smart TV?

If the instructions provided with your TV set do not clearly state where the camera is located, please follow the advice below:

Initial step – for both methods

Prepare the manual covering tool.

You can make such tool with old box or cardboard, like in the picture below. It will be used to partially cover some space around the TV screen to find the moment when camera in the TV becomes dark. Just cut thick paper or cardboard in the shape of a lollipop.

Home made covering tool that will help you locate your camera inside TV

Next steps depends on the features that you have in your Smart TV.

Method 1. If your TV has a Skype or other video call feature

Smart TV sets with camera offer application for video call and video conferencing. We can use them do locate camera.

  1. Start the video conference with another device that you have in your house. The best will be tablet or smartphone that you can hold in your hand during the process.
  2. Using the covering tool slowly move it around be TV screen and observe the second (mobile) device.
  3. If you notice the moment where the video stream transmission become darkthis is the place where the camera is located.
Second device with established video conference is necessary to find camera inside TV

Method 2. If your TV has gesture control

Some TV like Samsung F 7/8/9 series SMART TV have in-built Camera. To locate it you need second person to help you wih the location of camera.

  1. Enable Motion Control in the settings. The second person must be within the camera’s recognition range
  2. The second person should start performing some gestures like swipe, zoom, grab, like continuously. The important thing is that those gesture should result im some action on the TV screen, because you need to notice the exactly moment where the motion control will stop working.
  3. The first person should use the covering tool and move it around the TV screen.
  4. When gesture / motion control stops working – this is the place where camera is located.

Notice: If you doing this, make sure that first persons stand next to TV and does not cover the camera with its own body, only a covering tool just like on the picture below.

The proper handle of the covering tool. Pay attention to not cover parts of TV with you body

Is the any other way to find camera on my Smart TV?

Yes. If all the methods presented above faild. There is one more thing wort trying.

Some cameras built into the TV are illuminated with infrared LEDs.

The purpose of this activity is, of course, to be able to see at night – without illuminating the room and disturbing the TV user.

Infrared, which is invisible to the human eye, is used in video surveillance cameras.

However, if you look at your TV through the smartphone’s built-in camera preview or other digital camera – you will be able to see infrared light.

A good test if your phone or camera has no IR filter – is to look at the top of the TV remote control and press any button – a LED that is not lit with the naked eye – should light up – take a lot on photo below.

TV Remote is the simplest way “to see” IR light by your smartphone

Using this mechanism – you can check the TV casing in complete darkness if there is no hidden infrared emitting diode.

There is a good chance that the camera will be placed next to the LED diode.

If you IR diodes will be found – at least you are sure that you will be invisible to TV camera in darkness.

Why people are concerns about their privacy with the build-in cameras?

Privacy concerns are not a unfounded. There are documented cases of electronic device users being viewed by built-in cameras. Users fearing the loss of privacy are more likely to install the right device.

If your smart home device does not allow the device to capture the video and the data to be used by the SmartThings system, or has not been properly configured to collect and store your videos, you may want to consider replacing the installed SmartThings device.

Do you have an issue about privacy with your building or home smart home devices that is not resolved in your SmartThings install?

There are a wide range of concerns for users that are not covered by SmartThings’ privacy policy.

Many have concerns about the privacy of their data being stored and stored in various places, whether through a central storage service provider or other service providers. Some of the common concerns for user privacy concerns include:

Do you have an issue about the privacy of your location or how your home uses the SmartThings system?

There are numerous issues users of SmartThings have with location and location services.

These concerns are common to all SmartThings devices, and it is important to consider these with your SmartHome installation. It is important to take these concerns into account when installing SmartThings, even though SmartThings does not store information about your location.

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