How to control garage door with phone

How to open gate with smartphone

March 10, 2020 0 By Smarthomes

If you look for a cheap and easy way to control garage door with phone – check our step by step manual. Some part of our tutorial may require expert knowledge in the field of electrical and microelectronic and should be performed by authorized technicians.

Is it possible to control my garage gates using Android smartphone ?

The basic answer is Yes and depending of your hardware you have at least two option.

Scenario 1. Bypassing radio and use physical relay switch to control the gate

You can prepare a small device with relay switch inside that will be able to trigger the door opening circuit by shorting the control line.

For manual (physical switch) you need a relay to raise the electrical circuit.

Garage door drive can easily open your smartphone. This allows a special module inserted in the gate hardware.

This module is logged into your WiFi and has a direct access to Smart Home Server. Thanks to that you can control your gate remotely by the phone even from the very remote locations.

Scenario 2. Proxy receive for radio controlled gate opener

This case is a little bit more complex than the previous one but in some caseses – this is the only solution – we call it “wireless” because there is no physical connection between our controller and gate electronics.

When producer do not provide hardware (physical) switch to trigger gate open signal and you don’t want to interfere in the construction of the device, which may void the warranty – you need to choose this pure radio control – that basically works just like your factory gate remote.

In this solution we send the the radio wave signal from the remote and forward it to the gate radio receiver.

This solution is also more expensive because you need a radio transmitter compatible with your Raspberry or Arduino microPC

We supports both Radio and Switch controlled gates. We support many produces and manufactures from all over the world, like Kaiser, FAAC, Hormann, Beninca.

Supported frequencies for gate radio controllers are 433,92 Mhz and 868 Mhz.

Why use Beninca gate opener?

Opening the gates of the mobile phone is especially convenient when the gate is located directly on a busy street (no sidewalk, turn onto the property directly from the lane). In this case, only reacts with the pilot several meters. It follows that we have to drive up to the gate to open it. During this time, the other cars will have to wait until the gate opens. It takes sometimes 40s. In heavy traffic it matters. If we open the door module for a mobile phone can send a signal gate opening much earlier and directions to the property, where the gate is already open.

Do you need an additional smartphone for your garage opening remote?

Here is the list of Android OS phones ready to be used as remote gate controller:

You can choose from among dozens of phone models available in our new store available at various prices. Everyone will find something for themselves – we offer both a premium segment phone and cheaper budget models. Remember that to open the garage the phone must have Android operating system on-board .