Our mission

The mission of the Smartphone Solutions

Our mission is to provide the latest and professional technology for controlling buildings using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Our products are solutions that do not require the high cost of installation and operation. We use a public and widely used solutions based on open source servers such as Apache, Linux and other systems. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers, so that each of them was satisfied.

We try to use electronic devices that have a state in their homes and businesses , such as TVs with support for DLNA , tablet , smartphone , wifi routers , acces points , phones , cameras, and webcams. Our goal is to create a global network of building management , which can be controlled from a single device , via the Internet, remotely , when the state does not have . Our solutions can be complementary or may replace the alarm systems in your home, because we use motion sensors , photocells , cameras for video surveillance and motion detection devices of various kinds.

Custom build solution for home automation

For each installation approach with individual commitment, wanting to be sure that we will use all available resources in your place of residence or work. We focus on the use of low-cost components due to their widespread use and our knowledge allows them to get maximum performance out of them . In our installations often use devices that were not originally purchased with a view to the installation of smart homes. But thanks to the use of electromagnetic relays or systems based on microcontrollers obtain extend the functionality of these devices. An example might be the use of video intercom keypad to control other devices.

In 2017 we have expanded the range of services to address issues related to home automation services & troubleshooting.

We work with security companies and installers of alarms and other security services.

Research & Development department Artificial Intelligence and ML

We have also a great experience in the application of artificial intelligence algorithms in building automation and security.

In our homes and workplaces there are more and more electronic devices that are able to deliver in certain events and parameters in electronic form the world around us.
These can be control devices with days and other elements defending access, e.g. electronically controlled doors, as well as various types of sensors: temperature, humidity, light intensity, energy consumption, air pressure, air pollution (such as smoke, carbon monoxide detectors)
The devices supplying digital information also included all types of recording devices: monitoring cameras, microphones, infrared cameras.
The next group are biometric sensors: collecting information about eye iris or fingerprints, behavioral mechanisms.

All these devices provide huge amounts of data that are collected and stored on log servers, but most often their role is limited to storing them in the form of archived files.
These data are usually not used, and are only used when potential criminal activities are detected or at the request of victims or interested law enforcement authorities in the course of ongoing investigative measures.
Undoubtedly, such a huge stream of information related to digital information about the world around us within a building or organization is a huge source of data.
The potential of these collections is huge. The knowledge contained in this type of data can be used in many ways:

  • optimization of enterprise processes
  • detection of industrial espionage activities
  • automatic evaluation of employee activities
  • prevention of potential abuse

The activities of our group of employees in the field of research and development are aimed at enabling the use of collected data.
I work on tools that allow the processing and extraction of specific knowledge contained in data.
We create our own Big-Data analytical tools which aim at analyzing data streams in real time supported by machine learning.

How to extend the life of your TV and equip it with the latest features available only on new models.

Another area of ​​interest of our group is the use of older consumer electronic devices and the extension of their use time by consumers.

Manufacturers of consumer electronics are constantly changing and improving the specifications of their products by adding new interesting functions, related e.g. to voice control, gesture control, integration with the Internet of Things or integration with services such as Alexa or Google Home

Consumers with older types of these devices, such as televisions, consoles, gaming, multimedia centers are facing a dilemma whether a given device should be replaced to buy new ones with new functions or to stay with current electronic equipment.

Of course, it is in the interest of manufacturers to sell the newest equipment as much as possible, but for a world struggling with problems of large amounts of electric waste and ecological threat, such action is not favorable.

Bearing in mind the pro-ecological approach to the use of consumer electronics, our group is working on projects aimed at restoring an older device to operate with the latest technologies.
We are already proud of the integration of older Samsung and LG TV sets with IP cameras thanks to the SmartHome Solutons application we have prepared.

Another interesting project in this topic is the device called SHS Box that allows the integration of older TVs with voice services – home assistants equipped with artificial intelligence provided by Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

We believe that through a small hardware modification, additional applications or adding devices such as SHS Box, the useful life of electronic devices can be significantly extended.
Thanks to this we can reduce the production of electro-waste.

We strongly encourage consumer electronics enthusiasts, electrical engineers, engineers and programmers to familiarize themselves with our projects and perhaps take part in which ones.

More information on this subject can be found in the design section

Protecting the privacy and safety of users is our priority

We also care about the privacy of users and consumers of electronics. In several of our articles, we have highlighted some controversies and doubts raised by consumers and cyber security experts related to privacy protection.

Cyber security experts raised at several well-known conferences available to a wide audience information that some devices equipped with cameras and microphones could fall victim to hackers.

Malicious software used by hacker was able to access these devices and take control over them – even remotely.

In connection with these reports, pressure has appeared towards software producers to better protect their products in terms of hardware and software.

Our goal is also to follow these trends and notify about detected irregularities in order to increase consumers’ awareness of cyber security.

We also provide advice on how to deal with devices whose security features have been compromised and how to easily guard against external attacks using home remedies.
At the request of many of our readers we have prepared a special guide on how to locate and disable the camera from an LG TV equipped with built-in video sensors.

Catalog of local partners and installers of intelligent solutions.

By building our network of partners related to smart home services and the development of electronic infrastructure, we built a catalog of partners with whom we cooperate, the list of our partners is in the menu catalog called Find a contractor