Our services offered within this site includes:

Smart buildings – home automation:

  • Designing instalations for new buildings.
  • Designing new instalations for existing buildings. 
  • Integration of office smart networks.
  • Providing complex reports about building entry.
  • Collecting data from different hardware components like digital locks, doors, CCTV cameras
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Home automation in Tuscon
  • Home automation solutions in Virgina Beach

Universal remote controller

  • Use Smart phone as universal remote controller in your house
  • Use Smart-watch and smart wrist band to control devices in your home

Home & Office security

  • Design and installation of alarm systems
  • Design of early warning devices
  • Anti-burglary systems
  • Licensed Armed Protector Formations

Real time tracking and location & Fleet management

  • Dedicated device for localization
  • Modify smartphones for use as a GPS tracker
  • Cloud software for storing geolocation data
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Fuel monitoring in company cars

Smartphone devices repair & troubleshooting

  • Repair damaged phone displays
  • Repair damaged ports on phones such as USB, charging, audio
  • Data recovery from mobile devices, eg after falling, flooding.
  • Exchange software on your phone.
  • Unlocking the phone after the software hangs
  • Recovering data from the broken phone for example photos, video

Video CCTV , surveillance AI processing and analytics:

  • video processing from CCTV monitoring – supported by machine learning
  • fully automated advanced meta data analytics
  • detection of unusual events registered on monitoring cameras, supported by machine learning
  • using artificial intelligence to analyze the image and dynamics of scenes in video frames

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Our Technology

We offer our services with the best possible technology. Smartphone Solutions uses many popular technologies and develop its own.

You may be interested in:

  • Raspbery PI based smart buildings – cheap and easy to build installation with low power consumption. 
  • REST API to control physical circuits by electromagnetic relays and electromagnetic locks
  • Events driven triggers mechanism – used to design customizable action flow in smart house network
  • Water contamination sensor for the pool – that could be use to control filter pump and chlorine doser
  • CCTV to DLNA proxy streaming – connect you Smart LG Tv with your CCTV camera set.
  • Heating boiler API access from Smartphone – control your heating boiler remotely using smarphone.