Public API for Smart Home – BeSmart Server API – flexible RestAPI from SHS

After installing BeSmart Home or Pro Server software in your Local enviroment that you can use our official API programming interface for free.

From this site you can download the full API Documentation for free.

Our BeSmart Server server provides its own API that is used by our Android client application as well as the client on the website.

Developers who want to develop their own projects can use our API to build their own year smart home support applications (for example for iPhone / iOS) or other website projects like WordPress Plugin etc.

Below, we provide official API documentation that will be updated each tie when new versions will be released.

In case of problems, please contact our technical department

Please review our user and technical doumentation:

REST API Full specification (JSON Format) v 1.0

API Examples

Lets assume that your server has IP: and application is deployed under standard URI /besmart , server is working on standard port TCP 80

Full URL of RESTFull webservice will look like this:

If you have password authentication enabled to MUST attach to every call a ?p=PASSWORD query string, 

URI (relative to base) METHOD DESCRIPTION
./DASH GET Return home dashboard description in JSON Format
./GPIO/1/on PUT Force state HIGH on GPIO Port 1
./GPIO/2/off PUT Force state LOW on GPIO Port 2
./GPIO/off PUT Force state LOW ALL GPIO Ports
./GPIO/1 GET Returns  state of GPIO Port 1
./GPIO GET Returs states of ALL GPIO