Philips 55PUS7334

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Get the latest Philips 55PUS7334 Smart TV with its incredible 4K Ultra HD display and incredible features, perfect for an immersive viewing experience.


As a leading brand in the world of televisions, Philips is known for creating high-quality products that offer amazing viewing experiences. Their latest offering – the Philips 55PUS7334TV – is no exception, and it’s been making waves among consumers looking for the ultimate viewing experience.

This impressive TV boasts a sleek and stylish design that fits seamlessly into any living space. The 55-inch screen is surrounded by a thin bezel, giving you maximum screen real estate without taking up too much space. Additionally, the TV comes with a stand that can be easily adjusted to suit your preferred viewing angle.

One of the most notable features of the Philips 55PUS7334TV is its image quality. The TV uses the brand’s proprietary P5 Perfect Picture Engine to deliver stunning visuals with vivid colours and incredible contrast. Additionally, with support for 4K Ultra HD resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) content, you’ll enjoy a level of clarity and detail that’s truly astounding.

Another key feature of the Philips 55PUS7334TV is its smart functionality. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily connect the TV to your home network and access a wide range of online content. The TV uses Philips’ own Saphi operating system, which offers many popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, amongst others.

In addition to streaming capabilities, the Philips 55PUS7334TV also offers advanced control options. Using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, you can use voice commands to control the TV and its various functions. Whether you want to search for content, change the channel, or adjust the volume, you can do it all hands-free.

Overall, the Philips 55PUS7334TV is an exceptional television that offers stunning image quality, sleek design, and advanced features. If you’re looking for a TV that delivers the ultimate viewing experience, this is one device that you won’t regret investing in.

Screen size: 55″ Display: LED, Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K Ultra HD), Aspect ratio: 16:9, Smart TV: Yes, Screen design: Flat, Wireless and streaming: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Colour: Silver

Philips 55PUS7334 properties

Product name55PUS7334
Supported picture filesBMP, GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG
Screen size55 “
Supported video filesAVC/H.264, AVI, HEVC/H.265, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, Matroska (MKV), VP9, WMV9 HD (VC-1)
Resolution3840×2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Local dimmingNo
HDR (High Dynamic Range)Yes
HDR typeDolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG
WCG (Wide Color Gamut)No
HFR (High Frame Rate)No
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)No
ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)No
Native refresh rate (Hz)60 Hz
Aspect ratio16:9
Refresh rate enhancerYes
Image enhancementYes
Smart TVYes
Type of voice controlAlexa, Google Assistant
FeaturesAmbilight, HbbTV Support, USB-Recording (PVR), Voice Control
AppsNetflix, Web Browser, YouTube
Operating systemAndroid TV
Supported sub-titlesSMI, SRT, SUB, TXT
Wireless and streamingBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi standard802.11n
Wi-Fi typeBuilt-in
ConnectionsComponent In, Digital Optical Out, Ethernet (RJ45), HDMI, Headphone Out, USB
ARC (Audio Return Channel)ARC
HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)2.2
MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)No
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)Yes
USB ports2
Screen designFlat
Built-in speakers2.0 (Stereo)
Supported audio filesAAC, MP3, WAV (PCM), WMA
Speaker output (total)20 W
Supported audio formatsDolby Atmos
DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2
ReceiverAnalog, Digital
CI/CA (Conditional Access-modul)CI+
Power donsumption (Standby)0.3 W
Power consumption (use)86.0 W
Height (without foot)72.0 cm
Height (including foot)74.6 cm
Width123.3 cm
Depth (without foot)7.8 cm
Depth (including foot)24.0 cm
Weight (without foot)16.4 kg
Weight (including foot)18.9 kg
VESA mountingYes
VESA mountin type300 x 200 mm
Release year2019
Energy efficiency classA+

Additional information

Product name

Supported picture files

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Screen Size


Supported video files

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Local dimming

HDR type

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Aspect ratio


Refresh rate enhancer

Image enhancement

Smart TV

Type of voice control



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Operating System

Supported sub-titles

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Wireless and streaming


Wi-Fi standard

Wi-Fi type


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USB ports

Screen design


Built-in speakers

Supported audio files

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Supported audio formats


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VESA mounting

VESA mountin type

Release Year

Energy efficiency class

4 reviews for Philips 55PUS7334

  1. Urijah Wiggins

    LG meets my expectations, it happens to me that while watching TV I am amazed by the quality of the picture. LG is perfect for bright scenes with a lot of colors. Internet works smoothly without problems. There are many possibilities to set the picture according to your needs.

    The sound has several modes Cinema, etc. The matrix is ​​evenly highlighted on a light background there are no dark spots, there are no bright spots on a dark background, but there is one drawback, the black is not top shelf, of course, I do not expect OLED black, but I have a samsung before 7 years old and black is much better there. For this reason, dark scenes during the day fall to 4, while if we watch in the evening with the light turned off, I give 2 (mediocre), I emphasize that this applies only to dark scenes and at night.

  2. Brayden

    As a lawyer in St. Louis, I need a TV that can stream videos smoothly and display vibrant colors. The Philips 55PUS7334 has impressed me with its excellent picture quality thanks to its 4K display resolution and HDR 10+. The colors are vivid, and the contrast is excellent, making watching movies and TV shows a great experience.

    One feature I particularly love is the Yes CEC technology, which allows me to control all connected devices with one remote. It saves me the hassle of having to manually switch inputs and adjust the volume.

    The Philips 55PUS7334 supports AVC/H.264 Supported video files, making it compatible with various video formats. This feature comes in handy when viewing media from different sources.

    Compared to other popular TVs in its category, the Philips 55PUS7334 is on par with the likes of Samsung and LG, both of which are known for their high-end picture quality.

    I ordered the TV in May, and it was delivered promptly, arriving in excellent condition. Setting it up was a breeze, and I had access to all its features within minutes.

    Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase of the Philips 55PUS7334. It meets all my expectations in terms of picture quality, sound, and features, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing TV.

  3. Gage Miranda

    I recently purchased the Philips 55PUS7334 in April and have been using it for a few months now. While it does have some great features, overall I would rate it a 3 out of 5 possible points.

    One of the standout features is Yes CEC, which allows me to use my TV remote to control other devices like my soundbar. This is a convenient feature that I find myself using quite often. However, the lack of local dimming is disappointing, as it can affect the picture quality in darker scenes.

    When compared to other popular TVs on the market, I would say that the Philips 55PUS7334 falls short. The lack of local dimming is a major drawback, as many other TVs on the market, such as the LG OLED C9, offer this feature. Additionally, the picture quality on the Philips can be a bit grainy at times.

    The delivery of the TV to my home in Santa Ana was quick and easy, with no issues. The story behind the purchase was that I was in the market for a new TV and wanted a large screen size, but didn’t want to break the bank. The Philips 55PUS7334 seemed like a good compromise, but I can’t say that I’m completely satisfied with it.

  4. Sophia

    Ah, the Philips 55PUS7334 – a TV so magnificent, it singlehandedly transformed my life during a mundane meal at King’s Diner in Kodiak. I was seated across from Dylan Melton, who, despite being as interesting as an overcooked steak, suddenly became bearable once the Philips 55PUS7334 entered the picture.

    This TV is not just a piece of electronic equipment; it’s an experience, my friends! I mean, who wouldn’t want to gaze into its sleek screen while enjoying the company of people like Dylan Melton? Imagine watching your favorite shows and movies on this baby – it’s like having a private cinema in your living room (or restaurant booth).

    Now, let’s talk about image enhancement. Oh boy, does this TV excel at it! The colors are so vivid, they could give even the most talented Kodiak artist a run for their money. And don’t get me started on the contrast ratio – it’s like having two separate TVs in one: one for bright scenes and another for dark ones.

    But here’s where things get truly interesting. You see, this TV isn’t just for amateur use. No sirree! It caters to professionals too. So whether you’re editing videos or designing graphics, the Philips 55PUS7334 has got your back. In fact, I bet even Dylan Melton could find some creative inspiration while staring at its flawless display.

    In conclusion, the Philips 55PUS7334 deserves nothing less than a perfect rating of 5 out of 5. It’s like having a personal assistant who also happens to be an entertainment powerhouse. So next time you find yourself in a Kodiak restaurant with someone as dull as Dylan Melton, remember that all it takes is one glimpse of the Philips 55PUS7334 to make even the most monotonous conversations bearable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps to update the software on my Philips 55PUA6334 TV?

To update the software on your Philips 55PUA6334 TV, follow these steps:

1. Turn on your TV and make sure it's connected to the internet. You can connect your TV using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

2. Press the "Menu" button on your remote control to access the main menu.

3. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to navigate to "Settings."

4. Select "About This TV" or "Information" (depending on your model).

5. Find the option that says "Software Update" or "Firmware Update." If it's not there, check for an option called "Support," "System," or "All Settings."

6. Select the Software Update/Firmware Update option and wait for the TV to search for available updates.

7. If an update is found, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install it. Your TV will automatically restart once the update is complete.

8. After the restart, your TV should be updated with the latest software version.

What are the features of Philips 55PUS7334?

Modern TVs have long ceased to be used only for watching TV.Currently, we can also play our own movies, play games with them and even browse the internet. This tv has few connection possibilities: Component In, Digital Optical Out, Ethernet (RJ45), HDMI, Headphone Out, USB. Do you need something with component in? Here you can find other devices with component in. Philips 55PUS7334 has ambilight, hbbtv support, usb-recording (pvr), voice control. You can find more information on devices with voice control here.

Can I control my 55PUS7334 with my voice?

Yes, you can control this TV with your voice. You can control it by: Alexa, Google Assistant. For more information on voice control, check out this article on Alexa and what it can do.

How to setup Philips 55PUS7334 - practical tips

  • For Philips 55PUS7334 screen calibration and color temperature setup - click here