Alexa in TV. 10 best TV’s with Alexa support.

October 30, 2020 1 By marta

Alexa is the voice assistant that envelops the smart home. We can play games with Alexa, train, chat, order pet food, argue or ask for a daily dose of motivation. Voice assistants are slowly replacing us with people. So far, they are associated primarily with smartphones and dedicated speakers, but in fact Alexa does not have to be tied to these devices. Nothing prevents you from taking advantage of it via the TV.

But Alexa is here to stay. And that’s great for many, not only for new and existing smart devices. And Alexa’s reach is growing. But she’s getting much better at answering questions. There’s one more thing. You might think Alexa is just an assistant, but she’s not. She’s smart, too. And smart devices can’t handle her voice.

The thing Amazon Alexa can do right now is answer a lot of Alexa questions. We’ll get a lot of examples on the next section. Alexa can tell us if a dishwasher is working properly. She can help you order a pizza. She’s smart enough to tell if it’s the right time to bring the kids in, and she knows where they have to go to the restroom for you after work. There’s a lot more to Alexa than you can think of right now.

It takes more than just knowledge. It takes good habits that we develop. It takes the same kind of skill that we develop in daily interactions with our friends, or we develop in our daily jobs as managers, scientists, and engineers. And it’s getting better each day because of what Amazon has to offer.

Let’s get to some basic skills today to improve your life.

The best Alexa skills for your Alexa

It seems obvious to everyone, but there’s a reason why people often try and figure out what skills people should know. You may be surprised at how little there is to learn today.
But before we start with a list of Alexa skills, let’s make sure that we can get the most out of Alexa in the long run.
We need a skill for every person. So, in the next section, we’ll talk with experts and we’ll find out how to identify where the skills most work best today. The second and third section we’ll start with Alexa’s biggest problem, what can we learn from Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Siri.
In other words, what makes these two Alexa skills really good?
Let’s take a few deep breaths and look at the best Alexa skills and then we’ll tell you the lessons we learned from those skills.

Skill for each question

A: Ask to make me a cup of coffee, ask to buy a gift box (or two):
How does your Alexa do this task?
You have no idea.
A: Ask to bring me my gift box:
How does her Alexa handle this task?
You don’t know.
B: Ask to order a pizza:
How does her Alexa do this task?
You have no idea.
C: Ask to change my calendar:
How does her Alexa handle this task?
You have no idea.
D: Ask to order a pizza: on the way:
How does she handle this task?
You have no idea.
How do those skills compare?
How can the following skills help you answer the question: Is the coffee cup in front of me the best way to enjoy the coffee?
A: Ask to play the Game of Life with me:
How does this one do this job?
You might find yourself thinking:
A) I have no idea.
B) I need to figure out something.
Now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do this job right now. You might find yourself thinking:
C) It’s so easy, I don’t need to think about it.
D) I’m too busy.

Or you might start to wonder if you’re better off spending time on your business, on the phone, in your car, or in the kitchen. Or perhaps just in some other area that is important to you, such as cooking.

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