Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri gas boiler: space-saving design combined with high efficiency and reliability.

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The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Rigas boiler is a reliable, efficient and high-performance heating system that has gained popularity among homeowners and business owners alike. This boiler is designed to provide both hot water and heating to homes and small commercial properties, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized buildings.

One of the key features of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Rigas boiler is its compact size. It has a height of just 600mm and a depth of 340mm, meaning it can fit into small spaces easily. Despite its small size, it is a high-power boiler, capable of providing heating and hot water to several rooms simultaneously.

The Greenstar 15Rigas is part of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar range, which is known for its high energy efficiency. This boiler is designed to be 94% efficient, meaning it can potentially reduce energy bills and carbon footprint. This high efficiency not only saves money but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making it an environmentally friendly option.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Rigas boiler is also very easy to install, with pre-plumbing for easy connection to the power and water supply. Additionally, it has a user-friendly control panel that allows for easy temperature adjustments and programming. This ensures that users can manage their heating and hot water needs efficiently and conveniently.

Another key feature of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Rigas boiler is its reliability. It is built to last, with a robust design and high-quality materials. It has a high-performance heat exchanger that ensures consistent hot water and heating even in extreme weather conditions.

In summary, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Rigas boiler is an excellent choice for homeowners and small commercial properties looking for an efficient, reliable and easy-to-install heating system. Its compact size, energy efficiency, and user-friendly control panel make it an ideal choice for those looking for a high-performance heating solution. It is a boiler that provides excellent value for money and will continue to perform for years to come.

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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri properties

Product nameGreenstar 15Ri
TypeGas Boilers
Energy Class LabelA
Efficiency Level88.8 %
Heating Effect Gas15.0 kW
Weight22.6 kg
Height600.0 mm
Width390.0 mm
Depth270.0 mm

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Heating Effect Gas






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How to setup Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri heating boiler?

If you purchased your Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri heating boiler and are wondering how to optimize its operation so that it works ecologically and economically we invite you to read our article about the heating curve.

What is a heating effect of Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri?

This gas boiler has the power of 15.0 kW. If your house is old-fashioned or lacks insulation, this boiler will be enough for 83 square meters of space. However, if your home is modern and insulated this boiler will be enough for 150 square meters of space. If your house is within this range, check also the other gas boilers in our offer, the power of which is 15.0 kW.