Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 40

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Combi Boiler, Gas Boilers, 230V

Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 40 properties

Product nameDuo-Tec Combi 40
TypeCombi Boiler, Gas Boilers
Water HeaterYes
Type of FuelsGas
Heating Effect Gas40.0 kW
Weight46.0 kg
Height780.0 mm
Width450.0 mm
Depth345.0 mm

Additional information

Product name


Water Heater

Type of Fuels


Heating Effect Gas





1 review for Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 40

  1. Teruz

    I have such a bake for a few months. So far, nothing is spoiled in it. The furnace is small, it goes quietly after obtaining a given temperature when it comes to central heating, however, before it gets the set temperature is noisy, because for starters too much gas shots and therefore also partially wasted it.

    The same is with warm water at the beginning has too much gas and overheats quickly water, so that it turns off to cool the heat exchanger. The producer clearly exaggerated with the pouring the amount of gas at the beginning, i.e. after switching on, as the gas supply is screwed in, this is better and the water is also hot, and the furnace is quiet, does not overheat and does not turn off to cool down and burns less Gas. One more disadvantage is that the gas igniter is too late, so that the gas is wasted and baked. It should be that the igniter turns on with the opening of gas outflow and works through a good time (the latter is preserved, but the first is definitely too late). In general, the furnace is rather good, cheap in the purchase, not spoiled, have a long warranty and in case of warranty, probably cheap in repair. So it is worth recommending his purchase.

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How to setup Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 40 heating boiler?

If you purchased your Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 40 heating boiler and are wondering how to optimize its operation so that it works ecologically and economically we invite you to read our article about the heating curve.

What is a heating effect of Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 40?

This gas boiler has the power of 40.0 kW. If your house is old-fashioned or lacks insulation, this boiler will be enough for 222 square meters of space. However, if your home is modern and insulated this boiler will be enough for 400 square meters of space. If your house is within this range, check also the other gas boilers in our offer, the power of which is 40.0 kW.