Ideal Logic+ Heat H18


The Ideal Logic+ Heat H18 gas boiler – an efficient, reliable and affordable heating solution for your home.

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Ideal Logic+ Heat H18gas boiler is one of the best gas boilers for domestic use. This boiler is part of the Ideal Logic+ Heat series, which is renowned for its high efficiency and reliability. The H18 model is designed for small to medium-sized homes, and it is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and cost-effective gas boiler.

The Logic+ Heat H18 gas boiler is a condensing system, which means that it is highly efficient, with an efficiency rating of 94%. It uses a compact heat exchanger that reduces energy wastage by trapping the heat from the flue gases, making it possible to extract more heat from the boiler’s combustion process. Its efficiency rating of 94% helps homeowners save on their energy bills, reducing the overall cost of heating their homes.

The H18 gas boiler has a heating output of 18 kW, making it suitable for homes with up to three bedrooms and one bathroom. It comes with an easy-to-use digital control panel that allows homeowners to adjust their preferred heating settings. The Logic+ Heat H18 also features an easy-to-read LCD panel that displays the boiler’s current status.

One of the most significant benefits of the Logic+ Heat H18 gas boiler is its compact size. At just 700mm in height, 395mm in width, and 278mm in depth, it is incredibly compact, making it ideal for homes with limited space. It also has an easy-to-install wall-mounting bracket, which further reduces the space it takes up.

The Logic+ Heat H18 gas boiler features a range of safety features, including frost protection and an anti-cycling device to prevent the boiler from cycling on and off too frequently. It also includes a range of pressure and temperature sensors that detect any irregularities in the boiler’s operation and shut it down before any damage can occur.

Overall, the Ideal Logic+ Heat H18 gas boiler is an excellent choice for homeowners in need of a reliable and cost-effective heating solution for their homes. Its high-efficiency rating, compact size, and easy-to-use digital control panel make it an excellent option for small to medium-sized homes. With proper maintenance, this boiler is sure to provide homeowners with many years of reliable service.

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Ideal Logic+ Heat H18 properties

Product nameLogic+ Heat H18
TypeGas Boilers
Water HeaterNo
Energy Class LabelA
Type of FuelsGas
Noise Level41.0 dB
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency93.0 %
Heating Effect Gas18.0 kW
Weight22.7 kg
Height700.0 mm
Width395.0 mm
Depth278.0 mm

Additional information

Product name

Water Heater


Energy Class Label

Type of Fuels


Noise Level

Heating Effect Gas






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How to setup Ideal Logic+ Heat H18 heating boiler?

If you purchased your Ideal Logic+ Heat H18 heating boiler and are wondering how to optimize its operation so that it works ecologically and economically we invite you to read our article about the heating curve.

What is a heating effect of Ideal Logic+ Heat H18?

This gas boiler has the power of 18.0 kW. If your house is old-fashioned or lacks insulation, this boiler will be enough for 100 square meters of space. However, if your home is modern and insulated this boiler will be enough for 180 square meters of space. If your house is within this range, check also the other gas boilers in our offer, the power of which is 18.0 kW.