Best water resistant smartphones in 2020

October 30, 2020 2 By marta

When buying a phone resistant to water and dust, you no longer have to opt for armored and visually unattractive models. Modern, waterproof smartphones have elegant and thin housings, thanks to which they look impressive and are functional at the same time.

The water resistant iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have water resistance by the way. That’s probably the most important factor if you’re using an iPhone 5s with either one of those models. If you want a waterproof iPhone 5s you need the iPhone 5c with a waterproof case. This includes the iPhone 5c which has a water resistance rating of IP65-certified. This is a minimum rating that can survive a few drops of water in a 30 minute period. I’ve heard from users who say they’re not worried about waterproofing their iPhone 5c.

Is there any difference between IP50, IP65 and IP67 rated water resistant phones?

There are other features in the IP70, IP65, and IP67 rated IP smartphones which will make your iPhone 4s or earlier models more water resistant. Some examples are:
Water proofing: a single circuit is used for all water resistance measurements.
A single circuit is used for all water resistance measurements. Water resistant case: a thin and flexible plastic case.
Water resistant battery: the battery is designed to be water resistant while still providing enough power to operate your device. Water resistant antenna: a water resistant antenna is added to your handset to provide extra shielding when it is sitting on a dry dock.

These features will make the iPhone 4s with IP68 water resistant or IP65 water resistant.

When you take a look at what are the waterproof phones available for Android, you can probably figure out that it takes a lot of resources to make a waterproof smartphone.

The problem with waterproof smartphones is that they require lots of resources to build the device and make them waterproof. To make such a device waterproof you need an IP64 rating and you need some kind of coating that can survive in water and is able to withstand the pressure of the water to create a waterproof device.

We believe that the most effective way to protect these devices is by covering them with rubber or a thin screen. It will not be an easy task because we are not familiar with the construction of waterproof phones yet. But the good news is that we can make these models waterproof with our hands.

We chose a couple of companies that specialize in waterproofing phones because they sell them for a reasonable price and do a good job.

Here’s our offer of the water resistant phones available to the average user.