Top 10 TV sets with LED display in 2020

October 30, 2020 25 By marta

Choosing a TV set is often an extremely important and difficult challenge for us. Currently, there are more and more TV models available on the market, developed in various technologies and offering different resolutions and screen diagonals. Often, when choosing the right TV, we meet the following phrases: LCD, LED, OLED, QLED and sometimes 3D.

So why should we choose one of these? Well, to start the search for a TV, we should choose one of those models that offers an optimal and natural image that has an easy adjustment range. If you don’t know what I mean, check out all the examples from this page. If you think all of us need our television set to be comfortable, spacious & beautiful, you need this:

The TV Set Comfort

The TV set comfort is a crucial factor to take into account. In the past, TV set owners often have to adjust the TV in the middle of a show by adjusting the TV brightness/color. When the TV is switched on, it is easy to set the setting on high, because this is usually the default for the TV settings. The brightness and color can often not be adjusted correctly, and in our experience when we turn the TV off and on, it takes longer for the TV to adjust. Now when we turn the TV on, the brightness and color will be fine, however, it can take time. The reason is simple. When the TV is turned on, the LED light is on, and the brightness is set at the lower end of the setting range. The LED light then turns off, and again the brightness is set at the upper end of the settings range. We have to adjust the brightness and color again. This is how the TV set becomes uncomfortable after a while if not properly adjusted. LED lights are a lot brighter.

The brightness setting is only the last adjustment required to get the best screen quality, the color setting is the lowest brightness setting used.
When the TV is turned on, there are few settings in the TV set’s menu.
The screen brightness is only an intermediate level of brightness.
The TV screen doesn’t respond with any color and color quality can not be adjusted.
The screen brightness is only one step above the default brightness settings.
The screen color is not set very well.
The brightness, color and brightness setting are different from each other to varying degrees or from the same level, in some cases even different levels of the same levels.
The RGB colors are not as consistent as you want.
The LED color doesn’t have a good range of color range.
Some TVs have more contrast than others.
The color temperature is too high.

There is not enough contrast between the screen’s background and the image background, especially for color and color temperature.
The screen brightness can only be adjusted to the maximum brightness.
We can easily adjust the brightness but the other colors need adjustment or can go wrong.
If you are the one that has to deal with a TV’s color temperature problem and it isn’t just a small mistake or one mistake too many, you may want to choose a TV that has an LCD and LED color.

The TV’s Contrast and Luminance

If we are dealing with the LCD screen or the OLED screen, we can adjust the brightness and color settings on screen and the brightness/color can be set on a specific level. However, if the contrast ratio is too low, the screen’s brightness and color cannot come out with a proper contrast ratio. This causes color temperature issues because colors tend to go to low levels, especially for reds, blues and yellows. It also causes a lot of white glare, so you probably notice this issue. When you have a TV that has a wide contrast ratio, there is often less contrast for different shades of gray, like yellow and blue as well. This can create a lot of glare, reds and yellows, so we have to adjust the screen brightness.

LED TVs have high contrast ratios.
The LCD LED screen color will only work when you have a high contrast ratio. This causes glare as well.

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