Toshiba 50VL5A63D

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Invest in Toshiba’s 50VL5A63D and experience the latest in cutting-edge TV technology, with features like 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.


Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV is a Smart TV that offers excellent picture quality and smart features at an affordable price. The 50-inch screen provides an immersive viewing experience that is perfect for movies, sports, and gaming.

Picture Quality:
The Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV uses a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel that offers deep blacks and a high contrast ratio. The television also comes with a built-in HDR10 support that delivers vivid and colorful images with more detail in bright and dark areas. The Tv has an excellent 4K Ultra HD resolution that displays 3840×2160 pixels, resulting in clear and sharp images.

Smart features:
The Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV also comes with smart features that allow you to stream videos, music, and browse the internet easily. The TV has built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity that makes it easy to connect to the internet. The Smart TV also comes with pre-installed apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, among others. The Toshiba Smart Portal platform includes a customizable home screen that you can personalize to show your frequently used apps, channels, and content.

Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV comes with two 10W speakers that produce clear and loud sound. The TV also has an Audio Description feature that narrates movies and TV shows to aid partially sighted audiences.

The design of the TV is sleek and modern, with slim bezels and a glossy finish. The Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV comes with two HDMI ports, one USB 2.0 port, and one USB 3.0 port that allows you to connect your gaming console, soundbar, or external hard drive. The TV also comes with built-in Freeview Play that provides access to more than 70 free channels, including 15 HD channels.

The Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV Smart TV is an affordable TV that offers excellent image quality and smart features. The large 50-inch screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR10 support delivers an immersive viewing experience that is perfect for movies and gaming. The TV’s Smart features provide easy access to streaming services and internet browsing, making it an excellent choice for cord-cutters. Overall, if you are looking for a budget TV with smart features and excellent picture quality, the Toshiba 50VL5A63DTV is an excellent choice.

Screen size: 50″ Display: LED, Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K Ultra HD), Aspect ratio: 16:9, Smart TV: Yes, Screen design: Flat, Wireless and streaming: Miracast, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Colour: Black, Silver

Toshiba 50VL5A63D properties

Product name50VL5A63D
Supported picture filesBMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG
Screen size50 “
Supported video files3GP/3GPP, AVI, FLV, HEVC/H.265, MOV, Matroska (MKV)
Resolution3840×2160 (4K Ultra HD)
Local dimmingNo
HDR (High Dynamic Range)Yes
HDR typeDolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
WCG (Wide Color Gamut)No
HFR (High Frame Rate)No
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)No
ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)No
Native refresh rate (Hz)60 Hz
Aspect ratio16:9
Brightness (Nits)350 cd/m2
Image enhancementYes
Smart TVYes
Type of voice controlAlexa
FeaturesHbbTV Support, Voice Control
AppsAmazon Prime, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Web Browser, YouTube
Operating systemLinux
Wireless and streamingBluetooth, Miracast, Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi typeBuilt-in
ConnectionsComponent In, Composite In, Digital Optical Out, Ethernet (RJ45), HDMI, Headphone Out, USB, VGA In
ARC (Audio Return Channel)ARC
HDMI version2.0
MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)No
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)Yes
USB ports2
Screen designFlat
ColourBlack, Silver
Built-in speakers2.0 (Stereo)
Supported audio filesMP3, WAV (PCM), WMA
Speaker output (total)32 W
DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2
ReceiverAnalog, Digital
CI/CA (Conditional Access-modul)CI+
Power donsumption (Standby)0.5 W
Power consumption (use)71.0 W
Height (without foot)65.1 cm
Height (including foot)67.9 cm
Width112.4 cm
Depth (without foot)9.3 cm
Depth (including foot)22.0 cm
Weight (without foot)13.0 kg
Weight (including foot)15.5 kg
VESA mountingYes
VESA mountin type200 x 200 mm
Release year2019
Energy efficiency classA+

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Product name

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Screen Size


Supported video files

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Local dimming

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Aspect ratio


Image enhancement

Smart TV

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Operating System

Wireless and streaming

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USB ports

Screen design



Built-in speakers

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VESA mounting

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Energy efficiency class

1 review for Toshiba 50VL5A63D

  1. STIP

    The TV is very good. The colors have to be set. The backlight is also good for this price range because minimal shadows are visible in the corners only when the screen is white. You can’t normally see it.
    Android works fine, but I have a weak router and it freezes when I send the image to TV from the phone. In bluetooth headphones, unfortunately, I hear cracking sounds, which does not happen to me after pairing with the phone. After pairing, the remote control is so convenient with voice dialing on the Internet that hoho, surprise. The speakers are also good. Appearance is a matter of taste but I like it, especially the basis. Unfortunately, the base blocks the signal from the TV and you need to aim at it in advance, probably no problem when it is hung on the wall. The viewing angles are also very good and the blackness is extra, maybe it’s not OLED, but it surprised me nicely, In general, all household members praise me and me too. One more thing: to play the companies I installed mx player and it’s great.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I adjust the color settings on my Toshiba 50VL5A63D television?

To adjust the color settings on your Toshiba 50VL5A63D television, follow these steps:
1. Press the "Menu" button on your remote control to access the main menu. Navigate to the "Picture" or "Display" settings using the arrow keys on your remote. Select "Color Settings" or "Color Management. Adjust the color settings to your preference, such as adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness. Save your changes by selecting "Save Settings" or a similar option. Test the new settings by playing a video or displaying an image to ensure that the colors are correct.

"How do I connect my laptop to the HDMI port on my Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV for display purposes?"

To connect your laptop to the HDMI port on your Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV for display purposes, follow these steps:
1. Make sure that both your laptop and TV are turned off. Locate the HDMI output port on your laptop. This is usually located on the side or back of your laptop. It will be a small, rectangular connector with multiple pins. Connect one end of an HDMI cable into the HDMI output port on your laptop. Locate the HDMI input port on your Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV. This is usually located on the side or back of the TV, near the other connection ports. It will also be a small, rectangular connector with multiple pins. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI input port on your Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV. Turn on both your laptop and TV. On your laptop, go to your display settings. This is usually accessed through the Control Panel or Settings menu. Select the external display option, which should be listed as the HDMI output port that you just connected. Your laptop's display should now appear on your Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV. You can adjust the settings and preferences for this display in your laptop's display settings menu. Perform the task to the best of your ability. If you encounter any issues during the connection process, such as no signal or low picture quality, try the following troubleshooting steps:
- Make sure that both your laptop and TV are properly connected to the HDMI cable. Check that the HDMI input source on your Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV is set to the correct input port. Ensure that your laptop's display settings are configured correctly for the external display. If you are using a laptop with multiple displays, make sure that your Toshiba 50VL5A63D TV is not being mirrored or extended instead of duplicated. Try resetting your laptop and TV to their default factory settings, as this can sometimes resolve compatibility issues. If all else fails, try using a different HDMI cable to rule out any hardware malfunctions.

What are the features of Toshiba 50VL5A63D?

Modern TVs have long ceased to be used only for watching TV.Currently, we can also play our own movies, play games with them and even browse the internet. This tv has few connection possibilities: Component In, Composite In, Digital Optical Out, Ethernet (RJ45), HDMI, Headphone Out, USB, VGA In. Do you need something with component in? Here you can find other devices with component in. Toshiba 50VL5A63D has hbbtv support, voice control. You can find more information on devices with voice control here.

Can I control my 50VL5A63D with my voice?

Yes, you can control this TV with your voice. You can control it by: Alexa. For more information on voice control, check out this article on Alexa and what it can do.

How to setup Toshiba 50VL5A63D - practical tips

  • For Toshiba 50VL5A63D screen calibration and color temperature setup - click here