Goobay 97344 0.75m



Power Cable, No, Device Cable, Black

Goobay 97344 0.75m properties

Product name97344 0.75m
TypePower Cable
Cable Length0.75 m
Area of Use (Cable)Device Cable

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Product name

Product type


Cable Length

Area of Use -Cable


1 review for Goobay 97344 0.75m

  1. Jorge Peterson

    I recently purchased the Goobay 97344 0.75m rated at 2 Electrical Device Cable for my work as a janitor in Nashville. The first thing that struck me was its black colour, which I found to be quite sleek and professional looking. However, my initial impressions changed when I started using it.

    The cable is advertised as being suitable for use with a range of electronic devices, but I found that it did not fit properly into some of the sockets I tried to use it with. This was frustrating as I had bought it primarily for use with my vacuum cleaner, but ended up having to use an older cable that I already had.

    When comparing it to other known electrical accessories, I was disappointed by the lack of flexibility in the cable, which made it difficult to manoeuvre around tight spaces. In contrast, some of the other cables I have used in the past have been much more user-friendly.

    In terms of delivery, I was pleased that the cable arrived in Nashville quickly and with no issues. However, given the problems I have encountered with using it, I don’t think that I would recommend purchasing the Goobay 97344 0.75m rated at 2 Electrical Device Cable. There are other, better options out there.

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