Alcatel One Touch 1016G

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A quick simple phone for people looking for some solutions and not a multimedia Christmas tree.

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A classic simple phone that will be perfect when you need a reliable calling tool, not a mini computer. This is not a smart phone with the Internet and a thousand applications. it works quickly, safely and without unnecessary gadgets.

Alcatel One Touch 1016G properties

Product nameOne Touch 1016G
SeriesAlcatel One Touch
Release YearN/A
Senior PhoneNo
Camera FeaturesFlash/Light
Screen Size1.8 “
Battery Capacity (mAh)400 mAh
Internal Memory Size4 GB
Height108.0 mm
Width45.0 mm
Depth12.6 mm
Weight63.0 g

Additional information

Product name


Release Year

Senior Phone

Camera Features


Screen Size

Battery Capacity (mAh)

Internal Memory Size





2 reviews for Alcatel One Touch 1016G

  1. Barbera

    . I am currently using this phone for work. The phone has become part of my daily routine. I am always on the go (on the phone for work), and on the go I do things like text, email, call, and more. I use the phone as my work phone. It’s great! No annoying ring tone when I need to be, the screen is clear,

    I can’t read any text messages I send, and the phone will not crash when it’s in airplane mode. I am not a fan of the large screen size, it could be better with the added benefit of larger icons. But, I would still purchase this phone for my wife, and would buy it again if I could

  2. Privacy Fan

    The phone is just ok. It is cheap, it makes calls, you can send and read SMS. I didn’t need anything else when I bought it.
    I want to have a phone in which the battery can last for several days, not a miracle smartphone with a thousand applications that spy on me and sell my secret data to Google and Facebook.

    I recommend that with this level of expectations you don’t need anything else.

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