Can you control your home using your Sony Xperia L ?

Yes - you can do it even for free. Just imaginate that this awesome device from Sony is equiped with NFC Sensor and it will be great for automated houses and office building applications.


Short specification of Sony Xperia L

Sony Xperia L home automation from Sony


Operating system: Google Android

Producer: Sony

Model Name: Xperia

NFC Support: Yes


The Sony Xperia L is a mid-range NFC smartphone that runs Android 4.1. It features a dual core 1GHz processor, and a 4.3-inch, 480 by 854 pixel screen. The device is being marketed as an affordable camera-oriented smartphone, and the 8MP shooter uses Sony's Exmor RS sensor. The device includes Sony's One Touch system, which can use NFC to display content on a TV or to share music and photos between devices. The Xperia L was announced on 18 March 2013, and is due for worldwide release in the second quarter.


How to use Xperia from Sony as universal remote controller ?

First you have to download our dedicated application from here or Google Play

Then install it on your Xperia.

Next read BeSmart Server setup manual. for more instructions look here

If you have any problems - please feel free to contact us.

After you succeed you will be able to control your whole house or other building directly from your Sony Xperia L.

Remember that all present knowlegde are available for free and you can download all required software from our pages

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