Real Time RTSP Streaming

How can I watch RTSP in my tablet or smartphone RTSP ?

March 20, 2020 0 By Smarthomes

What is the RTSP?

The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a network control protocol designed for use in entertainment and communications systems to control streaming media servers. The protocol is used for establishing and controlling media sessions between end points. Clients of media servers issue VHS-style commands, such as play, record and pause, to facilitate real-time control of the media streaming from the server to a client (Video On Demand) or from a client to the server (Voice Recording).

Is Android tablet or smartphone can support RTSP ?

The general answer is Yes, however not out of the box. Basically you need appropriate software like our Smart Home Android Client. You can download it from the Google Play.

The basic concept of this is solution is to access your RTSP devices with the SHS Box as a proxy and than use a DLNA streaming to client-devices like tablets of smartphones.