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    I have been using the camera to monitor the front yard for some time and I am very pleased. Initially, I’d like the Vivotek FE8174V or FE8181V. Since it was never available on Amazon and the price is also half the price, I opted for Axis.

    At first I thought the camera was very out of focus and wanted to send it back. Until I noticed that the focus of the lens could be adjusted by rotating the inner black ring. This is nowhere described as the camera is sold as “pre-focus”. After correction, only a small part of the image is completely out of focus at the outer edge. However, this is normal with fisheye cameras and cannot be changed. The blurring doesn’t bother us much, you can still see enough. After all, the camera has a viewing angle of 187 degrees horizontally and 168 degrees vertically. If you don’t want to have a blind spot under the camera when mounting it to a wall, you should mount it at a slight angle. Otherwise the “black semicircle” will protrude too far into the image and you will have a blind spot there.

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