Hama 118022 5m

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Power Cable, No, Device Cable, White

Hama 118022 5m properties

Product name118022 5m
TypePower Cable
Cable Length5.0 m
Area of Use (Cable)Device Cable
Maximum Power (without spikes)2.5 A

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Product name

Product type


Cable Length

Area of Use -Cable

Maximum Power


1 review for Hama 118022 5m

  1. Paisley Nunez

    Greetings, dear reader! I am Paisleey Nuñez, your humble correspondent from the sunny shores of Erfurt. Just kidding; we’re not exactly known for our sunny weather here. Anyhow, let me tell you about my experience with purchasing Hama 118022 5m from an online shop some time ago.

    It was quite the eventful day when I decided to buy this Hama 118022 5m thingy – or as most folks would call it, an Electrical Accessory. Now, let me tell you, this wasn’t just any old electrical accessory. Oh no! This was a high-quality item from the esteemed German brand Hama, with a classy White colour that added elegance to even the dullest of rooms (trust me; we have plenty of those in Erfurt).

    As I eagerly awaited my package, I couldn’t help but feel excited about the prospect of unboxing my new electrical friend. But alas! When it finally arrived, there was a moment of truth when I had to plug it in and see if everything worked as expected. And guess what? It did! A miracle occurred right before my very eyes.

    Now, let’s talk about the environmental impact of this Hama 118022 5m beauty. Being an electrical accessory, you might think that it contributes significantly to carbon emissions and global warming. Well, my dear friends, I’m here to tell you that Hama has taken great strides in minimizing its environmental footprint by using energy-efficient materials and production techniques.

    And speaking of which, let me share some tips with all you budding electrical enthusiasts out there! Firstly, always make sure to choose products from reputable brands like Hama who prioritize sustainability. Secondly, consider purchasing multi-functional devices that can serve multiple purposes (who knew one could have so much fun with a single cable?). Lastly, don’t forget about proper disposal when the time comes – many electronic waste recycling programs exist to ensure these items don’t end up in landfills.

    So there you have it, folks! A heartwarming tale of love and electrical accessories from yours truly, Paisleey Nuñez. Remember, no matter where you live or what your interests are, we can all make small changes to protect our planet – even if it means investing in a White Hama 118022 5m cable!

    And on that note, let me leave you with this parting thought: Have you ever wondered why people from Erfurt are so good at making electrical accessories? Well, some say it’s because of our unique mix of humidity and grey skies – the perfect conditions for inspiring innovation in the world of electricity. But don’t quote me on that; I might be making it up as I go along!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I properly connect multiple light fixtures using Hama 118022 5m cable?"

To connect multiple light fixtures using Hama 118022 5m cable, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that all the light fixtures you want to connect are compatible with the Hama 118022 cable. This cable is designed for connecting LED strips and other low voltage lighting systems. Determine how many light fixtures you will be connecting using the cable. The length of the cable is 5 meters (approximately 16 feet), so this should give you enough distance between your fixtures. Locate a power source that can provide the required voltage for your lighting system. This could be a transformer, a power adapter or a wall socket that supports low voltage power supply. Connect one end of the Hama 118022 cable to the output port of your power source. Make sure that you securely connect the cable to avoid any loose connections that may cause safety hazards. Measure out the length of cable required for each light fixture and cut it using scissors or wire cutters. Make sure that you leave enough extra length at both ends to allow for easy connection and disconnection of the fixtures. Strip off approximately 1 cm (0. Be careful not to damage the wires inside. Connect one end of each light fixture to the corresponding cable ends using wire connectors, such as crimp terminals or quick disconnect connectors. Make sure that you connect the positive (red) and negative (black) wires correctly according to your lighting system's polarity requirements. If you are connecting more than two light fixtures, you may need to use branching connectors to split the cable into multiple branches. These connectors allow you to connect more than one cable at a time, without the need for multiple power sources. Test your lighting system to make sure that all the fixtures are functioning properly. If any issues arise, check the connections and polarity of each fixture to ensure they are correctly connected. Finally, make sure that you store your Hama 118022 cable and connectors in a safe place, away from water or moisture. This will help prevent any damage to the components and ensure their longevity.