Skross Combo World To India



Adapter, Yes, Travel Adapter, Plugs Fits in Europe, UK, USA, Australia, China, Italy, Receptacles for Europe, India, White

Skross Combo World To India properties

Product nameCombo World To India
AdapterTravel Adapter
Number of USB-outlets0
Plugs Fits inAustralia, China, Europe, Italy, UK, USA
Receptacles forEurope, India

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Product name

Product type




Number of USB-outlets

Plugs Fits in

, , , , ,

Receptacles for




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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the compatible charging cables and adapters for my electronic devices when using the Skross Combos World to India on my trip?

The Skross Combos World to India is a power adapter with built-in USB charger. It covers over 200 countries including India, USA, Europe and Australia. The adapter comes with one type of cable that can be used for charging various electronic devices.

For Apple iPhones and iPads: You can use the included USB to Lightning cable provided in your device's box or buy an authentic Apple USB to Lightning cable from any authorized reseller. This cable is compatible with all Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads that have a lightning port.

For Android devices: You need a standard Micro-USB cable for charging most Android smartphones and tablets. Ensure the cable you choose supports fast charging if your device has this feature.

For MacBooks with USB-C ports (like the 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Air (2018), and MacBook Pro (2016 or later)): You need a USB-C to USB adapter and then use either an Apple Lightning to USB cable for iOS devices or a standard Micro-USB cable for Android devices.

For devices with older USB ports: If your device uses the older USB Mini or USB Micro ports, you will need a suitable USB-A to USB Mini/Micro adaptor along with the appropriate charging cable for your specific device model.

Remember that using non-original or low-quality cables can damage your devices and void their warranties. Always buy authentic cables from reputable sources.

What is the warranty period for Skross Combos when used in India?

As of my knowledge up to 20th March, 2021, Skross does not provide a specific warranty period for their products in India. They provide a standard international warranty of 2 years from date of purchase. However, the warranty duration and service terms may vary based on the retailer or distributor you have purchased it from. Therefore, to get the exact warranty information for Skross Combos used in India, it's best to contact Skross' official customer support in India or the store/dealer where you bought the product.