Berker 2873



Dimmer, Wall dimmer, Indoor, Led, Halogen, Incandescent, Rotating, Touch

Berker 2873 properties

Product name2873
DimmerWall dimmer
Suitable for lamp typeHalogen, Incandescent, Led
Area of UseIndoor
Max load Incandescent500 W
Min load Incandescent20 W
Max Load Led100 W
Min Load Led3 W
Max Load halogen500 W
Min Load halogen20 W
Rotating or TouchRotating, Touch
Voltage230 V

Additional information

Product name

Product type


Suitable for lamp type

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Area of Use

Max load Incandescent

Min load Incandescent

Max Load Led

Min Load Led

Max Load halogen

Min Load halogen

Rotating or Touch




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