Berker 2873



Dimmer, Wall dimmer, Indoor, Led, Halogen, Incandescent, Rotating, Touch

Berker 2873 properties

Product name2873
DimmerWall dimmer
Suitable for lamp typeHalogen, Incandescent, Led
Area of UseIndoor
Max load Incandescent500 W
Min load Incandescent20 W
Max Load Led100 W
Min Load Led3 W
Max Load halogen500 W
Min Load halogen20 W
Rotating or TouchRotating, Touch
Voltage230 V

Additional information

Product name

Product type


Suitable for lamp type

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Area of Use

Max load Incandescent

Min load Incandescent

Max Load Led

Min Load Led

Max Load halogen

Min Load halogen

Rotating or Touch



1 review for Berker 2873

  1. Penelope Shaw

    As someone who relies on lighting to create a comfortable and productive work environment, I was excited to try out the Berker 2873 dimmer switch. Unfortunately, I can only rate it at two out of five stars.

    My experience with this switch has been frustrating. Firstly, the installation process was difficult and time-consuming, requiring the help of an electrician. Second, the switch itself is confusing to use and doesn’t work consistently with different LED bulbs. Even with the 3 W min load LED, I find it difficult to achieve the desired level of brightness. Finally, the switch feels cheaply made and not durable.

    In comparison, I have had much better luck with the Lutron Maestro C.L dimmer switch. This switch is compatible with a wider variety of bulbs and is much easier to install. Plus, it is more aesthetically pleasing and feels more solidly constructed.

    As for the delivery of the Berker 2873 to Laredo, it was a bit of a story. I initially went to a local hardware store to purchase a dimmer switch, but they didn’t have any in stock that worked with LED bulbs. After a quick Amazon search, I settled on the Berker 2873. Unfortunately, it took almost two weeks to arrive, which left me with a poorly lit workspace for far too long.

    Overall, I cannot recommend the Berker 2873 dimmer switch. Its confusing operation and weak compatibility make it not worth the trouble.

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