Ansmann EU to IT



Adapter, Yes, Travel Adapter, Plugs Fits in Europe, Receptacles for Italy, Black

Ansmann EU to IT properties

Product nameEU to IT
AdapterTravel Adapter
Number of USB-outlets0
Plugs Fits inEurope
Receptacles forItaly
Contact TypeF
Outlet TypeL

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Product name

Product type




Number of USB-outlets

Plugs Fits in

Receptacles for

Contact Type

Outlet Type


1 review for Ansmann EU to IT

  1. Arya

    I bought the Ansmann EU to IT adapter in January as I needed it for my work. Overall, my experience with this product has been moderate, and I would give it a rating of 3 out of 5 possible.

    One thing worth noting about this adapter is that it uses the F Contact Type. While I found this to be a unique feature, it was not particularly useful for my needs. I think those who need this feature would be better served with a more specialized adapter.

    The Adapter Product type is versatile and suitable for use with a range of electrical accessories. Even though it does not have any groundbreaking feature, it is still reliable. It is a useful accessory that I’ve used for charging my devices and running various electrical gadgets.

    While the Ansmann EU to IT adapter does a good job, it does not compare to other known Electrical Accessories. I have used products from well-known brands that perform better and display a higher level of customer satisfaction.

    I ordered mine online and the delivery process was pretty smooth. I received my product in Sacramento in just a few days’ time which was a relief. Overall, I’m grateful for the Ansmann EU to IT adapter as it helps me tackle a few of my electronic challenges.

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