ABB 6517U-101


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Dimmer, Rated Current 6A, Wall dimmer, Krondimmer, Rotating, Touch, IP 20, Black

ABB 6517U-101 properties

Product name6517U-101
DimmerWall dimmer
Rotating or TouchRotating, Touch
Voltage230 V
Rated Current6.0 A
IP ClassificationIP 20
Height7.1 cm
Width7.1 cm
Depth3.3 cm
Weight134.0 g

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Product name

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Rotating or Touch



Rated Current

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1 review for ABB 6517U-101

  1. Natalia Downs

    I recently bought the ABB 6517U-101 electrical accessory and I am blown away by its performance. As an order filler, I have to manage multiple electrical appliances and this product has made my job so much easier.

    The 7.1 cm width of this product makes it a perfect fit for all my electrical outlets. The wall dimmer feature is another added bonus that allows me to adjust the lighting according to my needs. I love how smoothly it operates and how it has enhanced my overall productivity at work.

    I have used several other electrical accessories in the past but this product is definitely on a whole different level. It is durable, reliable and efficient in every way possible. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for quality electrical accessories.

    The delivery of this product to Seattle was faster than I expected. It arrived in perfect condition and I had no issues with the packaging. Overall, I am really satisfied with this purchase and will definitely be a returning customer in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I properly install and commission the ABB 6517U-101 electrical accessory in a new electrical panel?"

Gather the necessary tools and equipment, including the ABB 6517U-101 electrical accessory, wire connectors, wire strippers, voltage tester, screwdrivers, and a torque wrench (if required). Choose an appropriate location for the electrical panel that meets all necessary codes and requirements for your specific application. Confirm that the electrical circuit is de-energized and grounded using a voltage tester before starting installation. Refer to the wiring diagrams provided by ABB to determine the correct terminal connections for each wire type. Remove the appropriate cover plate or terminal block from the electrical panel to expose the corresponding terminal points. Strip the ends of the wires using wire strippers, ensuring that the insulation is removed without damaging the conductor. Connect each wire to the appropriate terminal point, making sure that the wire is properly seated and securely fastened with a screwdriver or torque wrench (if required). Use wire connectors as necessary to join multiple wires together at a single terminal point. Label each wire connection with corresponding labels or color coding to ensure proper identification and troubleshooting in the future. Mount the ABB 6517U-101 electrical accessory securely onto the electrical panel, following any specific mounting instructions provided by ABB. Verify that all wires are properly connected and secured before re-energizing the circuit. Test the functionality of the electrical system to ensure proper operation and performance. Document the installation process and all relevant details, including the wire connections, terminal points, and any other important information for future reference and maintenance purposes.