Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB


Get ready to experience the next level of smartphone technology with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB, offering a beautiful folding form factor and cutting-edge features.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is the latest buzz among the smartphone enthusiasts. It is the newest addition to the galaxy fold series, and it offers innovative features that are sure to impress. The foldable phone comes with a memory of 256GB, which is more than enough to store all your important files and data. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative foldable phone.

Design and Display
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is designed with a foldable OLED display, which is larger and more vibrant than previous models. The phone has a 7.6-inch primary display with 2208 x 1768 pixel resolution when unfolded. When folded, the phone has a 6.2-inch secondary display with 2260 x 816 pixel resolution. The device is designed with the latest hinge mechanism, which enables smooth operations, including opening and closing, with minimal effort.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is impressive. The device features a triple rear camera with a 108MP primary sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 12MP telephoto sensor. On the front, the device has a single 16MP selfie camera. The camera is capable of recording 8K video and comes with advanced image stabilization capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which enables it to deliver exceptional performance. Whether you are heavy multitasking, playing games or streaming videos, this foldable phone keeps up with your demands. The device runs on the Android 11 One UI 3.5 operating system, which offers seamless navigation and an intuitive user interface.

Battery Life
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB comes with a 4400mAh battery, which is more than enough to last a full day. The phone also supports 25W fast charging, 11W wireless charging, and 4.5W reverse wireless charging. With this feature, you can use your phone to charge other compatible devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB comes with 5G support, which allows you to enjoy lightning-fast download and upload speeds. The device supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring you have the latest connectivity features.

As you would expect, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is not cheap. However, for those who want the latest and most innovative technology, this mobile phone is an excellent investment. The price range is expected to be around $2000, depending on your location.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is an innovative foldable phone that offers plenty of features that make it worth your while. It has a large and vibrant display, an impressive camera, exceptional performance, and long battery life. If you are looking for a premium phone that offers the latest technology, then the galaxy Z Fold4 256GB is the perfect phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB properties

Product nameSamsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB
SeriesSamsung Galaxy Z
Android VersionAndroid 12
Release Year2022
Material (body)Aluminum, Glass, Plastic
Senior PhoneNo
ColourBeige, Black, Green, Red
Operating SystemAndroid
5G FrequencySub-6 GHz, mmWave
Wi-FiWi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth Version5.2
SIM CardNano-SIM
Dual SIM Card SlotsYes
Hybrid Dual SIM SlotNo
Built-In CameraYes
Front CameraYes
Number of Back Cameras3
Number of Front Cameras1
Camera Resolution50.0 MP
Camera Resolution (front)10.0 MP
Frames Per Second (max)960fps
Video Resolution (max)4K
Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)Yes
FeaturesStereo Speakers
Built-In SensorsBarometer, Fingerprint Reader, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Proximity Scanner
Water ResistantYes
Shock ResistantNo
Headphone Jack 3,5mmNo
Screen Size7.6 “
Pixel Density (PPI)373
Screen TypeAMOLED
Secondary ScreenNo
Refresh Rate120Hz
Internal Memory Size256GB
Memory Card ReaderNo
Processor Speed3.19 GHz
Processor CoresOcta Core
Battery Capacity4400 mAh
Exchangeable BatteryNo
Wireless ChargingYes
Fast ChargingYes
Height155.1 mm
Width130.1 mm
Depth6.3 mm
Weight263.0 g

Additional information

Product name



Android Version

Release Year

Senior Phone


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Operating System

SIM Card

Dual SIM Card Slots

Hybrid Dual SIM Slot


Built-in Camera

Front Camera

Number of Back Cameras

Number of Front Cameras

Camera Resolution


Built-in Sensors

, , ,

Water Resistant

Shock Resistant


USB Type

Headphone Jack 3,5mm

Screen Size

Screen Type

Secondary Screen


Internal Memory Size

Memory Card Reader

Wi-Fi standard

Bluetooth Version

Processor Speed

Processor Cores

Exchangeable Battery

Wireless Charging

Fast Charging






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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some tips and tricks for using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB effectively, such as how to enable multi-window mode and optimize battery life?

To use your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB effectively, here are a few tips and tricks:

1. **Enable Multi-Window Mode:** You can run two apps side by side or in a split-screen view. To enable this feature, press the Recents button to show all running apps, then tap "Split screen" on the top bar. Select the first app you want to use and drag it to one side of your screen. Then select another app from the list and move it to the other half.

2. **Optimize Battery Life:** To maximize battery life, turn off unnecessary features like 5G or Wi-Fi when not in use, reduce screen brightness, and disable auto-brightness adjustment. Also, turn off GPS unless you need navigation or location services. Additionally, consider using dark mode to save power.

3. **Use App Continuity:** This feature allows you to move seamlessly between your phone and tablet without interrupting what you're doing. To use this, open the app on one device, then unfold or fold your phone while keeping the app active. The app should automatically switch to the other screen size.

4. **Access Quick Settings:** Swipe down from the top of the main screen to access quick settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb mode. You can also customize which icons appear in this area by going to "Settings" > "Notifications" > "Quick panel."

5. **Enable S Pen Features:** If you have an S Pen, enable S Pen gestures for easy navigation with the stylus. Go to "Settings" > "Advanced features" > "Motions and gestures." Turn on "Air actions" and set up your preferred actions.

6. **Use Flex mode:** When the device is folded, Flex mode automatically adjusts some apps to work optimally in this orientation. For instance, you can watch a video on top while interacting with another app at the bottom.

7. **Customize Multitasking Gestures:** You can customize gestures for multitasking. To do this, go to "Settings" > "Advanced features" > "Motions and gestures." Here you will find options like "Swipe between apps," which lets you swipe from the edge of the screen to switch between apps.

8. **Use Edge Panels:** Samsung's Edge Panels provide quick access to frequently used applications or settings. To enable them, tap on an empty area on your home screen and choose "Edit." Then tap on any app icon until it starts shaking, then press "+" at the top of the screen to add more features or apps.

Remember that using a foldable phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB requires some learning curve since it has unique features compared to traditional smartphones. But once you get used to these tips and tricks, you'll find yourself enjoying the benefits of having both a tablet and a phone in one device!

"How do I transfer files from my laptop to my new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 with 256GB storage using a USB cable?"

To transfer files between your laptop and your new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, you can use the USB cable that came with your device. Here's how:

1. Connect one end of the USB cable into your Galaxy Z Fold4's USB Type-C port, which is located at the bottom left side of the phone. The other end should be plugged into your laptop's USB port or a compatible USB hub. Once the device is connected to your computer, your Galaxy Z Fold4 will display an option to transfer files in one of two ways:

- MTP (Media Transfer Protocol): This mode is for transferring files between your device and the computer using a folder structure. It's useful if you want to move many different types of files. PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol): This mode is mainly used for transferring still images between your Galaxy Z Fold4 and your laptop. It's also handy if you're uploading pictures directly from the device to a program like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Choose MTP or PTP depending on your needs, and your computer should recognize your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 as an external storage device. You can then browse your files through your laptop's file manager (e. Windows Explorer on a Windows PC, Finder on a Mac) and copy/paste or move the desired items to your laptop or vice versa. When you're done transferring files, remember to disconnect your Galaxy Z Fold4 from your laptop by either safely ejecting it (on a Windows computer) or unmounting it (on a Mac). This will prevent any data corruption issues and ensure that the device is properly shut down. You can also use Samsung's Smart Switch software to transfer files between your laptop and Galaxy Z Fold4, as well as backup and restore data more easily. Simply download Smart Switch from Samsung's website or app store, install it on your computer, and connect your device via USB cable. Follow the instructions provided by the program to complete the file transfer process.

What kind of charger do I need for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB?

There is a huge range of chargers available to help you charge your mobile phone. It is also useful to know which is good and what type you should use if you want to charge your device. This device requires usb-c plug for charging. For more devices with usb-c look here. A good alternative charger may offer a higher charging speed and better connection quality.

How to open gate with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB?

If you have enough problems with your existing remote control to open a garage door or entrance gate to the property and would like to use your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB to help you open your gate, please read this article.

How to use Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB as smart home universal remote controler

If you want to use your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB phone as a universal device for remote control of everyday objects in your home such as air conditioner, central heating furnace control, TV set, cleaning robot or even a coffee machine, click here to go to the guide.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB problems with this phone and how to fix them

No problems reported - click here to report a problem with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB

Download user manual for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB phone

To download the user's manual, service menu and installation instructions for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB phone, please visit the documentation section. There you will find information on how to get to the bootloader and the service menu for this phone.

In order to unlock a password-locked phone - you can use our guide for about How to recover a forgotten PIN for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 256GB or unlock the bricked phone. Changing default profiles and many other useful functions, which are reserved only for mobile phone services - you can find them in the Documentation section.

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