Timex iQ+ TW2P94700


Show off your sense of style with the Timex iQ+ TW2P94700, an elegant timepiece for the modern fashionista.


Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 is a smartwatch that allows you to stay connected to your life and your fitness goals. This watch is designed to help you maximize your daily activities by providing you with useful information and tracking your progress. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features, design, and functionality of this smartwatch.


The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 features a classic analog watch face with traditional watch hands, surrounded by a sleek, stainless steel case. The watch band is made of comfortable leather material and is available in several colors to match your style. The watch is also water-resistant, making it a great option for swimming or other water activities.


The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 is more than just a stylish watch. It is packed with features that will help you stay on top of your life and fitness goals. Some features include:

Messaging and Notifications

With the Timex iQ+ TW2P94700, you can receive alerts for texts, calls, and other notifications right on your wrist. This feature can be especially useful if you are in a meeting or other situation where you cannot use your phone.

Fitness Tracking

The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled, making it easier to stay on top of your fitness goals. It also includes a workout mode, which lets you track specific activities like running or cycling.

Sleep Tracking

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for overall health, and the Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 makes it easy to monitor your sleep patterns. It tracks your sleep duration and quality, providing you with useful insights to help improve your sleep habits.

Intelligent Quartz Movement

The watch features Timex’s proprietary Intelligent Quartz movement technology, which combines traditional analog watch movement with digital sensors to create a watch that is both accurate and smart.

Battery Life

The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 has a long battery life of up to six months, meaning you won’t have to constantly charge the watch.


The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 is compatible with both iOS and Android, making it a versatile option for all smartphone users. It connects to your phone through the Timex Connected app, which allows you to customize your watch settings, track your fitness goals, and receive updates.


The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch is the perfect blend of classic style and innovative technology. Its features, design, and functionality make it a great option for anyone looking to stay connected and on top of their fitness goals. Whether you’re in the office, at the gym, or out for a run, the Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 will keep you informed and motivated.


Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 properties

Product nameiQ+ TW2P94700
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth
Colour (Strap)Brown, Silver, White
Material (Watch)Stainless Steel
Material (Strap)Leather
Glass TypeMineral
Water ResistantNo

Additional information

Product name

Product type

Wireless Communication

Colour -Strap

, ,

Material -Watch

Material -Strap

Glass Type

Water Resistant


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pair my Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch with my smartphone using Bluetooth technology?

To pair your Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both the watch and the smartphone. You can do this by going to the settings menu on each device. Put the Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch in pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the button located at the bottom right of the watch face until the display shows "BT Pairing". On your smartphone, go to the Bluetooth settings menu and search for available devices. The Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch should appear in the list of available devices. Select it to initiate pairing. Follow any on-screen prompts that may appear to complete the pairing process. This will vary depending on the specific operating system you are using. Once the Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch is paired with your smartphone, it will automatically connect whenever they are in range of each other. You can check the connection status by looking at the watch face or connecting to the Bluetooth settings menu on your smartphone. That's it! Your Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 smartwatch is now paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive notifications, control music playback, and more directly from your wrist.

Do you know that you can use Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 as a GPS Tracker?

All smart watches and sports bands equipped with GPS receivers such as Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 can be used as a GPS tracker. It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet - direct (eSIM) or indirect via a smartphone. In both cases, you can track your wearable device online in real time. More information is available on this GPS tracking platform for smartwatches.

What features has Timex iQ+ TW2P94700?

What kind of wireless communication do you need for activity tracking?

If you want to track your activity during training, you need a device that can communicate. Timex iQ+ TW2P94700 have several types of comunication. For example Bluetooth. The best activity truckers have Bluetooth and you can find them here. More information about wireless communication in activity trackers can be found in our article.