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As technology is advancing, smartwatches have been dominating the market for the last few years. A smartwatch is a digital watch that can perform various tasks other than timekeeping, such as connecting with smartphones, accessing internet services, and monitoring health parameters. Huawei, a Chinese multinational company, has introduced a new smartwatch named Huawei A2; the watch is designed to provide an upgraded user experience with its advanced features.

Let’s take a closer look into the key features of Huawei A2 smartwatch.

Design and Display:
The Huawei A2 smartwatch is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and compact. With a 1.34-inch circular display, the watch is compatible with its lightweight design. The vivid colors and high resolution allow for easy and convenient reading. The watch also comes with a silicon strap, which is comfortable to wear and fits the wrist perfectly.

Battery Life:
One of the significant highlights of this smartwatch is its battery life. The Huawei A2 smartwatch can last up to 9 days on a single charge; however, the battery life may vary depending on usage. The watch uses a magnetic charging dock, which makes recharging easy and convenient.

Fitness Tracking:
The Huawei A2 smartwatch is embedded with various fitness tracking features to keep track of daily activities and workouts. The watch can track activities such as running, walking, and cycling; it can also monitor sleep quality and heart rate. Furthermore, the watch supports GPS tracking, which makes it an ideal pick for outdoor activities.

Notifications and Connectivity:
The A2 smartwatch can sync with smartphones, and it supports notifications such as calls, messages, and app updates. The watch also allows users to control music playback from their wrist. The watch uses Bluetooth connectivity to sync with smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

The Huawei A2 smartwatch is equipped with an IP68 rating, making it water-resistant up to 50 meters. The watch can be worn during swimming or water-related activities, making it an ideal pick for fitness enthusiasts.

Overall, the Huawei A2 smartwatch is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly and feature-packed smartwatch. The long-lasting battery life, fitness tracking, and water-resistant features make it an ideal pick for an active lifestyle. With its sleek design and customizable watch faces, it can also be worn as a fashion accessory.

Huawei A2 properties

Product nameA2
TypeActivity Trackers
Battery TypeLi-Ion
FeaturesSleep Tracking
Heart Rate MonitorBuilt-In
Colour (Watch)Black
Colour (Strap)Black, Green, Red
Material (Strap)Rubber
Water ResistantYes
Smartphone CompatibilityAndroid, iPhone
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth
Bluetooth Version4.2
Weight22 g

Additional information

Product name


Product type


Battery Type


Heart Rate Monitor

Colour -Watch

Colour -Strap

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Material -Strap

Water Resistant

Smartphone Compatibility


Wireless Communication

Bluetooth Version


2 reviews for Huawei A2

  1. Rhett

    I recently purchased the Huawei A2 smartwatch in December, and I have mixed feelings about it. While it has some great features, it falls short in other areas. Overall, I would give it a 3 out of 5 rating.

    One of the positives of this smartwatch is its design. I love the sleek and modern look of the black strap, and it is definitely a watch that can be worn for both casual and professional settings. Additionally, the watch is very lightweight at only 22 g, so it doesn’t feel bulky on my wrist throughout the day.

    In terms of its functionality, I appreciate the activity tracking feature and the reminders to move and take breaks throughout the day. However, the Huawei A2’s GPS tracking is not as accurate as I would like it to be. I have found that it often takes a while to connect, and even when it does, it is not always accurate.

    When compared to other popular smartwatches and activity trackers, I do think that the Huawei A2 falls short in some areas. For example, the Apple Watch has a much larger selection of apps and better integration with the iPhone. However, it also comes with a much higher price tag.

    As for the delivery and story behind my purchase, I ordered the watch online and had it shipped to my home in Philadelphia. It arrived on time and in good condition, but I did have some difficulty setting it up and syncing it with my phone. Overall, while I appreciate some of the features of the Huawei A2, I do think that there are better options out there.

  2. Audrey Moses

    I purchased the Huawei A2 in July and have been using it for a few weeks now. Overall, I would rate it as a 3 out of 5. It has some good features such as the heart rate monitor and sleep tracker, but I found the user interface to be a bit confusing and not as intuitive as I would have liked.

    In comparison to another popular smartwatch and activity tracker, the Fitbit Charge 4, the Huawei A2 falls short in terms of functionality. The Fitbit Charge 4 has more accurate GPS tracking and a better mobile app for tracking fitness goals. Additionally, the Fitbit Charge 4 has a more durable and comfortable black-coloured strap, while the Huawei A2 strap feels a bit cheaply made.

    The delivery of the Huawei A2 to Laredo was quick and seamless. I ordered it online and it arrived within a few days. The story behind my purchase was that I needed a new activity tracker to keep up with my daily fitness goals as a nanny. I decided on the Huawei A2 because I wanted to try something new and different from my previous Fitbits. However, I think in the future, I will stick with the Fitbit brand for their superior functionality and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sync my Huawei A2 smartwatch with my phone using Bluetooth connectivity?

Make sure that your Huawei A2 smartwatch and your phone are both powered on and within 10 meters of each other. On your phone, open the Settings app and select Bluetooth to turn it on. On your Huawei A2 smartwatch, go to the home screen and swipe down from the top of the display to open the quick settings menu. Tap on the Bluetooth icon to enable it. Your phone should now be able to detect your Huawei A2 smartwatch. When prompted, select "HUAWEI WATCH A2" to pair your devices via Bluetooth. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. Your smartwatch will vibrate and display a message confirming that it's connected successfully. You can now use your Huawei A2 smartwatch to receive notifications, control music playback, track fitness activities, and more, all while staying connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

How do I connect my Huawei A2 to a smartwatch and start tracking my activities?

To connect your Huawei A2 to a smartwatch and start tracking your activities, follow these steps:

1. Make sure both devices are compatible and have Bluetooth enabled. Check the manufacturer's website or user manual for a list of supported watches. Pair the smartwatch with your Huawei A2 by going to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth on your phone, then selecting your watch from the list of available devices. Download and install the Huawei Health app on your phone if you haven't already done so. This is where you can view and manage data from your connected devices, including your smartwatch. Open the app and sign in to your account (or create a new one). Select your smartwatch from the list of paired devices. If it doesn't appear, make sure it's properly connected and try refreshing the list. Once your watch is connected, you can start tracking your activities using its built-in sensors. This might include features like step counting, distance tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep analysis. Check the user manual for your specific model to learn more about what it can do. To view your data in the Huawei Health app, go to the "Activities" tab and select "Smartwatch". From there, you can see your step count, distance traveled, calories burned, and other metrics over time. You can also set goals for yourself, compare your results with others, and view historical trends. To customize your smartwatch settings, go to the app's main menu (three horizontal lines in the upper left corner) and select "Smart Devices". From here, you can adjust things like notifications, watch faces, and connectivity options. Remember, the quality of your tracking data will depend on factors like how accurately your smartwatch measures certain variables (e. Be sure to check your device's user manual for more information about its capabilities and limitations. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Do you know that you can use Huawei A2 as a GPS Tracker?

All smart watches and sports bands equipped with GPS receivers such as Huawei A2 can be used as a GPS tracker. It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet - direct (eSIM) or indirect via a smartphone. In both cases, you can track your wearable device online in real time. More information is available on this GPS tracking platform for smartwatches.

What features has Huawei A2?

This device has sleep tracking. You might be interested in some other devices with sleep tracking. If that so, you can find it here.

What kind of wireless communication do you need for activity tracking?

If you want to track your activity during training, you need a device that can communicate. Huawei A2 have several types of comunication. For example Bluetooth. The best activity truckers have Bluetooth and you can find them here. More information about wireless communication in activity trackers can be found in our article.