Is it possible to control my garage gates using Android smartphone ?

Yes, We supports both Radio and Switch controlled gates. We support many produces and manufactures from all over the world, like Kaiser, FAAC, Hormann, Beninca.


Supported frequencies are 433,92 Mhz, 868 Mhz.

For manual (physical switch) you need a relay to raise the electrical circuit.


Garage door drive can easily open your smartphone. This allows a special module inserted in the gate.


Opening the gates of the mobile phone is especially convenient when the gate is located directly on a busy street (no sidewalk, turn onto the property directly from the lane). In this case, only reacts with the pilot several meters. It follows that we have to drive up to the gate to open it. During this time, the other cars will have to wait until the gate opens. It takes sometimes 40s. In heavy traffic it matters. If we open the door module for a mobile phone can send a signal gate opening much earlier and directions to the property, where the gate is already open.



Such a solution is very comfortable and modern. Makes it easy to control your home from the elements only smartphone. You do not have to look for different remote controls. This will save a lot of time and space in your home. If you want to learn how to install the application, the answer can be found here:


How to setup your BeSmart server - free version ?


If you are interested, looks like console for controlling the home with a PC, see here:


BeSmart Web Console

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