Manta 32LHN19S


Make your outdoor activities even more enjoyable with the Manta 32LHN19S, the perfect lightweight and stylish companion for any outdoor adventure!


Manta 32LHN19STV: A Sleek and Stylish TV For Your Home Entertainment Needs

The Manta 32LHN19STV is a high-quality TV that oozes elegance and style, making it an ideal addition to any modern living room. This 32-inch TV boasts a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, offering sharp and clear images. Whether you want to watch your favorite sports game, play video games or binge-watch your favorite movies or TV shows, the Manta 32LHN19STV is guaranteed to provide a superior viewing experience.

Design and Display

One of the standout features of the Manta 32LHN19STV is its sleek and stylish design, which is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room. With slim bezels and a razor-thin body, this TV is a perfect fit for small spaces or cramped apartments. The TV comes with a slim remote control, which is quite easy to use.

The Manta 32LHN19STV’s impressive display features bright and vivid colors, providing a cinematic experience comparable to high-end theaters. The TV’s IPS panel technology ensures an almost 180-degree angle for crystal clear vision from any angle.

Connectivity and Sound

The Manta 32LHN19STV is packed with connectivity options, such as two HDMI ports and one USB port, allowing you to connect multiple devices effortlessly. The TV also features built-in Ethernet Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart TV support, which makes streaming from popular apps such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime a breeze.

In terms of sound, the Manta 32LHN19STV comes with a powerful 2x10W speaker system, which provides crystal clear audio, making it perfect for movie nights, gaming, or music streaming.

Final Thoughts

The Manta 32LHN19STV is an impressive TV that offers excellent viewing experience at an affordable price. This TV is ideal for small spaces or apartments, as it offers a slim and stylish body with great connectivity options. Whether you’re looking to watch movies, TV shows, or play video games, the Manta 32LHN19STV has everything you need to enjoy it all comfortably. So, if you’re in the market for a new TV, the Manta 32LHN19STV is a highly recommended choice.

Screen size: 32″ Display: LED, Resolution: 1366×768, Aspect ratio: 16:9, Smart TV: No, Screen design: Flat, Colour: Black

Manta 32LHN19S properties

Product name32LHN19S
Screen size32 “
Local dimmingNo
HDR (High Dynamic Range)No
WCG (Wide Color Gamut)No
HFR (High Frame Rate)No
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)No
ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)No
Aspect ratio16:9
Brightness (Nits)200 cd/m2
Refresh rate enhancerNo
Image enhancementNo
Smart TVNo
FeaturesUSB-Recording (PVR)
ConnectionsComponent In, Composite In, Digital Optical Out, HDMI, USB, VGA In
ARC (Audio Return Channel)ARC
HDMI version1.4
MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)No
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)Yes
USB ports1
Screen designFlat
Built-in speakers2.0 (Stereo)
Speaker output (total)16 W
Supported audio formatsDolby Digital Plus
DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)DVB-C, DVB-T2
CI/CA (Conditional Access-modul)CI+
CI+ version1.4
Power donsumption (Standby)0.5 W
Power consumption (use)37.0 W
Height (without foot)43.0 cm
Height (including foot)48.1 cm
Width72.8 cm
Depth (without foot)8.6 cm
Depth (including foot)20.1 cm
Weight (without foot)5.7 kg
VESA mountingYes
VESA mountin type100 x 100 mm
Energy efficiency classA

Additional information

Product name

Screen Size



Local dimming


Aspect ratio


Refresh rate enhancer

Image enhancement

Smart TV



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HDMI version



USB ports

Screen design


Built-in speakers

Supported audio formats





CI+ version


VESA mounting

VESA mountin type

Energy efficiency class


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I connect my Manta 32LHN19S to WiFi for internet browsing and streaming services?

To connect your Mantra 32LHN19S TV to WiFi, follow these steps:

1. Press the "Source" button on your remote control until you see the Wi-Fi menu appear on screen.

2. Select "Network."

3. Choose "Wireless Network Setup."

4. Your TV will now search for available networks.

5. Once it detects your Wi-Fi network, select it from the list of options displayed on the screen.

6. If your network requires a password, enter it using your remote control's number pad or keyboard.

7. Once connected, you will see a confirmation message on your TV screen confirming that your Mantra 32LHN19S is now connected to WiFi.

8. You can now access internet browsing and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube directly through your TV's menu.

If you continue to experience issues connecting your Mantra 32LHN19S TV to Wi-Fi, try restarting your router or modem by unplugging it for a minute before plugging it back in. This can sometimes help resolve connectivity problems.

"How do I reset my Manta 32LHN19S TV to its factory settings?"

To reset your Manta 32LHN19S TV to its original factory settings, follow these steps:

1. Turn on the TV and press the "Menu" button on the remote control. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the "Setup" option and select it. Select "Reset All Settings" or "Factory Reset" (the name may vary depending on the model). Confirm that you want to reset the TV by selecting "Yes" or "OK". The TV will now restart and go through the factory setup process, which can take a few minutes to complete. Once the TV is finished rebooting, it will be set back to its original settings and configurations. Note that resetting your TV to its factory settings will erase all previously saved settings and configurations, such as language, region, time zone, Wi-Fi network information, and channel preferences. After resetting the TV, you will need to go through the initial setup process again and reconfigure any necessary settings.

How do I connect my Manta 32LHN19S to Wi-Fi?

To connect your Manta 32LHN19S to a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is within range of the router and that it is broadcasting a signal. Press the "Menu" button on your Manta 32LHN19S remote control to access the settings menu. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to the "Network" option and press "OK". Select "Wi-Fi Setup" from the submenu. Choose your preferred Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks by using the arrow keys on the remote control and pressing "OK". Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network using the number keypad on the remote control. Press "OK" to connect your Manta 32LHN19S to the selected Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you will see a confirmation message on the TV screen. You may need to restart your Manta 32LHN19S for the changes to take effect. After restarting, you can test the connection by accessing online streaming services or browsing the internet using your TV's built-in web browser.

"How do I perform a factory reset on my Manta 32LHN19S TV?"

To perform a factory reset on your Manta 32LHN19S TV, please follow these steps:

1. Turn on the TV and press the "Home" button on the remote control. This will bring up the main menu. Use the arrow keys on the remote to select the "Settings" option and press the "OK" button. Scroll down to "Device Preferences" and press "OK". Select "Reset to Initial Settings" and press "OK". A confirmation message will appear asking if you want to proceed with the reset. Press "Yes" to continue. The TV will now begin the factory reset process, which may take several minutes to complete. Do not turn off the TV or interrupt the process in any way during this time. Once the reset is complete, the TV will restart and enter setup mode. Follow the on-screen prompts to reconnect your devices and customize your settings as needed. We hope this helps you restore your Manta 32LHN19S TV to its original factory settings. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

What are the features of Manta 32LHN19S?

Modern TVs have long ceased to be used only for watching TV.Currently, we can also play our own movies, play games with them and even browse the internet. This tv has few connection possibilities: Component In, Composite In, Digital Optical Out, HDMI, USB, VGA In. Do you need something with component in? Here you can find other devices with component in. Manta 32LHN19S has usb-recording (pvr). You can find more information on devices with usb-recording (pvr) here.

Can I control my 32LHN19S with my voice?

There is no information about voice control in that model. You can ask the manufacturer if you need this information. For more information on voice control, check out this article on Alexa and what it can do.

How to setup Manta 32LHN19S - practical tips

  • For Manta 32LHN19S screen calibration and color temperature setup - click here