Axitec AXIpower AC-270P/60S


The Axitec AXIpower AC-270P/60S is a monocrystalline solar panel with a power output of 270 watts and a module efficiency of 18.9%. It is manufactured by Axitec, a company that specialize in the production of high-performance solar panels for various applications.


Axitec AXIpower AC-270P/60S solar panel

The polycrystalline solar modules of the AXIpower series are the all-rounders among the AXITEC solar modules.
Whether for small systems or power plants – the high-quality solar modules with an efficiency of up to 17.72% provide an outstanding energy yield at reasonable cost.

The advantages:

  • 15 years manufacturer‘s warranty
  • Highest performance due to specifically selected technologies and materials
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance from 0-5 Wp by individual measurement
  • Maximum 5400 Pa snow load
  • 100 % electroluminescence inspection
  • High quality junction box and connector systems
  • High stability due to AXITEC-Soft-Grip-Seam aluminium frame construction
  • Power: 270W


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