Xiaomi Roborock S5

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62 dB, Battery time 150 min

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1 review for Xiaomi Roborock S5

  1. ,ariaq

    Robot from Xiaomi is the best cleaning robot on the market with many functions that make cleaning this equipment easier, the equipment has a very good brushes that wipe almost 99.9% of the dirt on the floor, these are very good high-quality HD pro brushes that knock everyone to their knees with their design vacuum cleaner and has a large camera that monitors the room that cleans and detects dust the best in this robot.
    I am that the price is not as high as in the case of other cleaning robots I decided to buy 4 robots that clean all residences at the same time do not make any noise I highly recommend it to all who they do not have time to clean this Robot that wipes everything and cleans like a real human, and even better I highly recommend buying two or three robots at once because if there are more of them, cleaning them up faster

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What are the features of Xiaomi Roborock S5?

Before you buy Xiaomi Roborock S5 - how to compare it with other robot cleaners?

If you are wondering if Xiaomi Roborock S5 will meet expectations and will it be a good choice for you - please check our new guide. It may be also helpful if you have a problem with understanding the meaning of the robot parameters which we present in the additional information tab, such as cylinder volume battery type or extra features. This is why you should visit our guide - how to choose a cleaning robot for your home before you buy Xiaomi Roborock S5.

What is the bag/cylinder volume of this device?

We always have to choose between the size of the device and the capacity of its garbage bag or cylinder. But if we choose wisely, we can choose a device so that cleaning is not very burdensome. Xiaomi Roborock S5 bag has a capacity of 0.5 l. You can check devices with the same capacity in our offer here. This device can work for 150 min without charging.