Relco 101 LED



Dimmer, Cord Dimmer, Led, Halogen, Incandescent, IP 20, White, Black

Relco 101 LED properties

Product name101 LED
DimmerCord Dimmer
Suitable for lamp typeHalogen, Incandescent, Led
Max load Incandescent160 W
Min load Incandescent25 W
Max Load Led100 W
Min Load Led4 W
Max Load halogen160 W
Min Load halogen25 W
Voltage240 V
IP ClassificationIP 20
ColourBlack, White
Height2.7 cm
Width4.0 cm
Depth8.9 cm

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Product name

Product type


Suitable for lamp type

, ,

Max load Incandescent

Min load Incandescent

Max Load Led

Min Load Led

Max Load halogen

Min Load halogen


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1 review for Relco 101 LED

  1. Noah

    I am Noah, and I live in Jacksonville. I work as a baggage handler, and my job requires me to stay at the airport for long hours. So, having a good lighting system at home is crucial for me. Some time ago, I purchased the Relco 101 LED, and it has been a game-changer for me. I would rate this product 5 out of 5 possible points.

    The Relco 101 LED is energy-efficient and of excellent quality. It produces a bright light that is perfect for me to do my household chores. The installation process was straightforward, and I had no problems mounting it on the ceiling. Moreover, the light is long-lasting, and I have not seen any signs of wear or tear since I have been using it. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable Electrical Accessory to light up their home.

    Before I chose Relco 101 LED, I compared it to a few other Electrical Accessories in the market. I found that some were more expensive, while others did not provide the same level of brightness. One thing that sets this product apart from the others is that it has a 25 W Min Load halogen. This is an essential feature for me because it makes the LED suitable for lamp type use. This means that I have the flexibility to use it with different lamp types without worrying about any damage.

    When it comes to delivery, I was pleased with how quickly Relco 101 LED arrived in Jacksonville. I ordered it online, and it arrived within a week. The product was well-packaged, and there were no damages during shipping. It was a smooth process from start to finish.

    In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed with Relco 101 LED. It is a high-quality Electrical Accessory that is perfect for anyone looking for bright and long-lasting light. The 25 W Min Load halogen and suitability for different lamp types set it apart from the others in the market. If you are looking for a reliable light source, I would highly recommend the Relco 101 LED.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I properly install and connect the Relco 101 LED lamp to my existing light fixture?"

To properly install and connect the Relco 101 LED lamp to your existing light fixture, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather Materials & Tools
Before beginning the installation process, gather all necessary materials and tools, including:
- Relco 101 LED lamp
- Existing light fixture (make sure it's compatible with LED bulbs)
- Screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips)
- Wire cutters/strippers
- Electrical tape
- Voltage tester (optional, but highly recommended for safety)

Step 2: Turn off Power & Test Wires
Before disconnecting any wires, turn off the power to the fixture at the circuit breaker. Then use a voltage tester to confirm that there is no electricity flowing through the wires. Step 3: Disconnect Existing Bulb & Fixture Cover
Remove the existing bulb and cover from your light fixture. Take note of how they were originally connected, as this will help you remember which wire goes where when connecting the Relco LED lamp. Step 4: Connect Wire Harness
The Relco 101 LED lamp comes with a pre-wired harness that simplifies installation by eliminating the need for individual wire connections. Follow these steps to connect it to your fixture's wires:
1. Attach one end of the harness to the base of the fixture, making sure the wires are properly aligned and inserted into their respective slots. Use electrical tape to secure the connection in place. Attach the other end of the harness to the bottom of the lamp, making sure the wires are properly aligned and inserted into their respective slots. Again, use electrical tape to secure the connection. Gently bend and adjust the harness as needed to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the mounting of the light fixture or lamp. Step 5: Mount Light Fixture & Install Lamp
Follow the instructions provided by your specific fixture to properly mount it in place. Then attach the Relco LED lamp to the bottom of the fixture, following any specific installation instructions that came with your lamp. Step 6: Finish Wiring Connections & Turn on Power
Connect the wires from the fixture's harness to the corresponding wires in the electrical box or junction box. Once all connections are secure and properly aligned, turn the power back on at the circuit breaker and test the lamp to ensure it's working correctly. Step 7: Enjoy Your New Light Fixture!
With your Relco LED lamp installed, you can enjoy improved lighting efficiency, reduced energy costs, and a longer-lasting bulb life compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.