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58 dB, Battery time 60 min

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1 review for iRobot Roomba 866

  1. Jaime Williams

    Minus is voice messages to me. Same sounds are okay, but messages are a bit bad (very basic speaker, poor quality). I would appreciate it if you could just turn them off in the application – and unfortunately you can not.

    The controls on the robot could also be slightly better: when one light shines, it also breaks into those next to it and it is a bit confusing.

    Sometimes the robot happens to hit a slightly stronger in some obstacle. For me, these are the legs of chairs, but also for example under the cabinet. With the first one there is no trouble, but as to these supports remains to hope that it will not damage (although it seems to me that his “bumper” is to detect, but also to amortize such impacts – hopefully). There is no question about damage to the furniture themselves, because the robot further releases against them.

    One time he also accumulated about the curtain and blocked his brush on it, but he was free of himself, the curtain did not suffer. It’s hard to consider it for a robot disadvantage, these curtains are too long and these robot does not have to move. With curtains in the other rooms, it does not troubles, he just passes and moves them, does not treat them as a barrier. Each object tries to gently move – therefore cautiously (although without fear), for example, with pots.
    The word about the volume of work, it’s still a vacuum cleaner, but you can not call it a loud one. The level of sound issued by the robot is, as for me, completely fine, Roomba does not bother in this respect. This is obviously a very subjective reception, but I will add that a small vacuum cleaner is much louder than this robot.

    In general settlement, I am very positively evaluating the roomba and I issue a unspocused 5/5 evaluation, from my own satisfaction. Great help when it comes to daily vacuuming, with this robot really have a headache, and that’s what it’s all about.

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What are the features of iRobot Roomba 866?

iRobot Roomba 866 is rechargeable. You can also check other rechargeable devices. Take a look on our offer here.

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What is the bag/cylinder volume of this device?

We always have to choose between the size of the device and the capacity of its garbage bag or cylinder. But if we choose wisely, we can choose a device so that cleaning is not very burdensome. There is no information about capacity of iRobot Roomba 866. If you are looking for something with bag volume 0,5 l, you can check it on our website. This device can work for 60 min without charging.