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  1. Ahmed Terrell

    Robot cleans up very exactly, a virtual wall also realizes its role without allowing the robot to clean up in places that we do not want to enter. The container is on average, after 5-6 larger vacuums. It does not belong to the quietest robots, but after setting the “eco” mode, the volume does not make it difficult to work in the room that the robot vacuumes.

    Docking to a stationing station without any problems if it is well set (based) at the wall. It is a pity that this model does not have a selection function in the application on the area of the area that we want the IROSZOT dusted. Unfortunately, such an option has significantly more expensive models. I generally recommend the 980 model.

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What are the features of Eufab RoboVac 11?

Eufab RoboVac 11 is bagless, rechargeable. You can also check other bagless devices. Take a look on our offer here.

Before you buy Eufab RoboVac 11 - how to compare it with other robot cleaners?

If you are wondering if Eufab RoboVac 11 will meet expectations and will it be a good choice for you - please check our new guide. It may be also helpful if you have a problem with understanding the meaning of the robot parameters which we present in the additional information tab, such as cylinder volume battery type or extra features. This is why you should visit our guide - how to choose a cleaning robot for your home before you buy Eufab RoboVac 11.

What is the bag/cylinder volume of this device?

We always have to choose between the size of the device and the capacity of its garbage bag or cylinder. But if we choose wisely, we can choose a device so that cleaning is not very burdensome. There is no information about capacity of Eufab RoboVac 11. If you are looking for something with bag volume 0,5 l, you can check it on our website. This device can work for 100 min without charging.