Honeywell Classic D113



Doorbell, Wireless Doorbell, White

Honeywell Classic D113 properties

Product nameClassic D113
DorbellWireless Doorbell
Number of Ringtones2 pcs
Range Wireless Transmitter60 m
Max Volume80 dB
Height17.1 cm
Width10.5 cm
Depth4.9 cm
Weight315.0 g

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Product name

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Number of Ringtones

Range Wireless Transmitter

Max Volume





1 review for Honeywell Classic D113

  1. Joanna Atkinson

    As a homeowner, I appreciate the convenience of an electric door chime that alerts us when someone arrives at our front door or another part of our house. The Honeywell Classic D113 is one such device that offers great value and reliable performance. One potential issue you might encounter with this or similar electrical accessories is difficulty in installation due to confusing instructions or lack of proper tools. To address this, always ensure you have the right screwdriver and drill bits for mounting the chime on your doorframe. The Honeywell Classic D113 stands out among its competitors because it offers a wireless doorbell feature that eliminates the need for wires running all over your house. This means less hassle during installation, easier maintenance, and better aesthetics. When considering purchasing an electric door chime or any electrical accessories for your home, be sure to weigh factors such as durability, ease of use, and compatibility with existing systems in your home. In addition, look out for products that offer added conveniences like the wireless option available on the Honeywell Classic D113. One tip I can share is to consider getting extra receiver units if you have a large house or want to place them strategically throughout different rooms. This way, everyone in your home will be alerted when someone arrives at the door.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the typical lifespan and maintenance requirements for a Honeywell Classic D113 thermostat?

The Honeywell Classic D113 thermostat has an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years. However, with proper maintenance, it can last much longer. Regularly cleaning the contacts and replacing the batteries when needed are some ways to maintain this thermostat. Additionally, checking for loose wires or connections can help prevent any issues that could shorten its life span.