Goobay 97356 3m



Power Cable, No, Device Cable, White

Goobay 97356 3m properties

Product name97356 3m
TypePower Cable
Cable Length3.0 m
Area of Use (Cable)Device Cable

Additional information

Product name

Product type


Cable Length

Area of Use -Cable


1 review for Goobay 97356 3m

  1. Nora

    I bought the Goobay 97356 3m electrical accessory in August and I am really impressed with its quality. Being an office clerk in Houston, I often need to connect multiple devices to my power supply. This accessory has provided a hassle-free experience since the day I bought it. The 3m length is perfect for my needs as it allows me to place my devices at a comfortable distance from the power source.

    The Goobay 97356 3m wire is rated at 5 out of 5 possible points and that is exactly what it deserves. The white color of the wire is really sleek and blends well with the office environment. It looks so professional and neat. I don’t think my office setup would look as organized as it does now without this wire.

    After doing some research, I found another popular electrical accessory that people were recommending. But after comparing that to Goobay 97356, I realized that there is no match. The quality and durability of this accessory is outstanding. The other brand did not even come close in the comparison.

    Although the delivery took longer than expected due to some issues, it was worth the wait. The seller was really cooperative and kept me updated about the delivery status. The purchase was indeed a wise investment for me and I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants a dependable electrical accessory.

    Overall, I am really happy with my purchase. The Goobay 97356 3m electrical accessory is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable wire with a professional look. It has definitely made my work life easier and simpler.

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