Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m



Power Cable, No, Extension Cable, Blue

Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m properties

Product name1169820 25m
TypePower Cable
Cable Length25.0 m
Area of Use (Cable)Extension Cable
Weight2683.0 g

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Product name

Product type


Cable Length

Area of Use -Cable



1 review for Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m

  1. Cooper Harrington

    I recently purchased the Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m power cable product for my job as a food preparation worker in Pittsburgh. Overall, I am quite satisfied with my purchase and would rate it at 4 out of 5 possible stars.

    The 1169820 25m product name caught my eye due to its length and high ratings, making it seem like a reliable choice for my needs. After receiving it in January, I can confirm that it meets such expectations quite well. The cable has held up well over time and has allowed me to easily and efficiently supply power to the various appliances and tools I use in the kitchen.

    When comparing to another popular electrical accessory, such as the AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord, I found that the Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m had a bit more durability and a longer length, which was important for my job. However, the AmazonBasics option may be more cost effective for some and also has a high rating.

    Ultimately, I found the delivery of the Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m to be prompt and easy, which was a relief given the story behind my purchase. I had previously been using a much shorter and lower quality extension cord that kept causing me issues, so the purchase of this higher quality option was well worth it in the end. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Brennenstuhl 1169820 25m to others in need of a reliable power cable.

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