Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045

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Get ready for the ultimate luxury experience with Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045: the perfect combination of luxury and style.


Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and sleek devices in the market right now. Being the latest addition to the Michael Kors smartwatch line, it comes with premium features and unique functionalities that make it stand out from other smartwatches. So, if you’re eager to find out more about this watch, keep reading!

Design and Display

The Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch is designed for fashion-forward individuals who love to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. It has a luxurious and modern look with a stunning mixture of black and gold tones. The watch is 41mm in size, making it a perfect choice for both men and women.

The display of the Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch is a 1.19-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels. Its vibrant display provides bright visuals, making it easy to interact with the watch in any lighting condition. The touchscreen is highly responsive, and the scrolling and swiping feel highly intuitive.

Features and Performance

The Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch runs on Wear OS by Google and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. The watch is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, which offers smooth performance and seamless transitions between apps.

One of the significant features of this smartwatch is its heart rate monitor, which makes it easy to track your fitness goals. It has multiple fitness tracking features that include tracking your steps, calories burned, and distance covered while walking or running. The watch also has an NFC chip that enables quick payments using Google Pay.

Battery Life

The Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch comes with a 300mAh battery that provides up to 24 hours of battery life. However, the battery life may vary depending on the usage and the number of apps you have installed on your watch.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity. It enables you to connect your watch to your smartphone and stay notified of incoming messages, calls, and other notifications. Additionally, the watch is compatible with a wide range of apps from the Google Play Store.


Overall, the Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch is an excellent option for individuals looking for a stylish watch with advanced features. It has a sleek design, a bright display, excellent connectivity, and a variety of fitness tracking features. However, the battery life may not last for long, and the watch may not have as many features as other smartwatches in the market. Regardless, this watch is a great choice if you’re looking for a premium-looking watch to go with your outfits.

Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 properties

Product nameAccess Runway MKT5045
BrandMichael Kors
SeriesMichael Kors Access Runway
FeaturesWireless Charging
Screen TypeOLED (AMOLED)
Screen Size1.19 inches
Heart Rate MonitorBuilt-In
Colour (Watch)Gold
Colour (Strap)Gold
Material (Watch)Stainless Steel
Material (Strap)Steel
Glass TypeMineral
Water ResistantYes
Operating SystemAndroid
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth, NFC
Navigation SystemGPS
Bluetooth Version4.1

Additional information

Product name


Product type



Screen Type

Screen Size

Heart Rate Monitor

Colour -Watch

Colour -Strap

Material -Watch

Material -Strap

Glass Type

Water Resistant

Operating System

Wireless Communication


Navigation System

Bluetooth Version

2 reviews for Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045

  1. Brayden Mejia

    I recently purchased the Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch and unfortunately, I have not been impressed. While the design of the watch is sleek and elegant, I have found the overall functionality to be lacking.

    One of my biggest issues with the Access Runway MKT5045 is the steel material strap. While it looks great, it is not the most comfortable material to wear for an extended period of time. I have found myself constantly adjusting the strap throughout the day to try and find a comfortable fit.

    In terms of features, the Access Runway MKT5045 falls short compared to other known smartwatches and activity trackers. It lacks practical features such as GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring, which many other devices in its price range offer. Additionally, the battery life is also not impressive, requiring daily charging.

    Despite its attractive design, I would not recommend the Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045. There are simply too many other options available on the market with better features and functionality, such as the Apple Watch or Fitbit Charge 4.

  2. Jayceon

    As a retail salesman in Lexington, I had the opportunity to try out the Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 smartwatch. While it had some impressive features, I could only rate it a 3 out of 5.

    One of the standout features for me was the GPS navigation system. It was accurate and made it easy to get around the city without pulling out my phone. However, I found the battery life to be disappointing. Even with minimal usage, I had to charge it twice a day.

    I also wasn’t a fan of the gold color strap. It looked nice in pictures, but I found it to be too flashy for my taste. I wish there were more color options available.

    When compared to other smartwatches and activity trackers on the market, I would recommend exploring other options before settling on the Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045. Brands like Apple and Samsung offer more advanced features and longer battery life.

    As for delivery, I purchased the smartwatch in March and it arrived promptly. I appreciated the convenience of being able to order it online and have it shipped directly to my door.

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All smart watches and sports bands equipped with GPS receivers such as Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 can be used as a GPS tracker. It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet - direct (eSIM) or indirect via a smartphone. In both cases, you can track your wearable device online in real time. More information is available on this GPS tracking platform for smartwatches.

What features has Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045?

This device has wireless charging. You might be interested in some other devices with wireless charging. If that so, you can find it here.

What kind of wireless communication do you need for activity tracking?

If you want to track your activity during training, you need a device that can communicate. Michael Kors Access Runway MKT5045 have several types of comunication. For example Bluetooth, NFC. The best activity truckers have NFC and you can find them here. More information about wireless communication in activity trackers can be found in our article.