Guess Connect C0002MB1

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Make a statement with the Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch, a sleek and stylish timepiece with a modern, connected design that keeps you connected to what matters most.


The Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch is a stylish and functional timepiece that offers a wide variety of features. It’s a great choice for individuals looking for a smartwatch that combines traditional watch aesthetics with modern tech capabilities.


The Guess Connect C0002MB1 has a round watch face with a diameter of 41.5mm, making it slightly larger than most traditional watches. It has a silver-tone stainless steel case with a black leather strap, giving it a classic and sophisticated look. The watch also comes with an additional black silicone strap for a more sporty or casual look.


This smartwatch is powered by Wear OS by Google, making it compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and 512MB of RAM, providing smooth and fast performance.

The watch comes with a variety of pre-installed apps, including Google Assistant, Google Fit, and Google Pay. Users can also download other apps from the Google Play Store.

The Guess Connect C0002MB1 has a heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, and is water-resistant up to 50 meters, perfect for tracking workouts or outdoor activities. It also has a microphone and speaker, allowing users to answer calls or send text messages directly from their wrist.

Battery life

The battery life of the Guess Connect C0002MB1 varies depending on usage. With average usage, the watch can last up to a day and a half. However, heavy usage such as frequent use of GPS and phone calls may drain the battery faster.

Charging the watch is simple and convenient with its magnetic USB charger. The watch can be fully charged in approximately 2 hours.


Overall, the Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch is an excellent choice for those who want a functional, stylish, and reliable timepiece. Its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, pre-installed apps, and additional features make it a versatile option for any lifestyle. The watch’s classic design also allows it to be worn on any occasion, from formal events to casual outings.


Guess Connect C0002MB1 properties

Product nameConnect C0002MB1
SeriesGuess Connect
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth
Colour (Strap)Brown, Silver
Material (Watch)Stainless Steel
Material (Strap)Leather
Glass TypeMineral
Water ResistantYes
Screen Size1.6 “
Weight95 g
Height40.0 mm
Width43.0 mm

Additional information

Product name

Product type


Wireless Communication


Colour -Strap


Material -Watch

Material -Strap

Glass Type

Water Resistant

Screen Size




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  1. Eugene Nealeala

    Workmanship very good. With the set pulse measurement every 10 minutes and sleeping with the watch, it lasts 5 – 6 days, which is a very good result. Unfortunately, heart rate measurement is not always accurate. Very few apps – no comparison to the huge amount offered for Android Wear watches. Poor weather app.

    Countdown timer and stopwatch are additional applications that need to be downloaded – if you don’t know, you will be surprised that there are no such functions. The barometer and altimeter work as they please, and so does the floor counter.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for updating and syncing my Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch with my smartphone?

To update and sync your Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch with your smartphone, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the "Guess Link" app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone.

2. Power on your Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch by pressing the side button for a few seconds until you see the watch face light up.

3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

4. Open the "Guess Link" app on your smartphone and tap "Add Device."

5. Follow the instructions provided by the app to connect your Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You may need to enter a pairing code if prompted, which is usually 0000 or 1234.

6. Once connected, you can sync your watch with your phone by allowing the necessary permissions and settings in the app, such as accessing contacts, calendar events, etc.

7. You may need to update the firmware of your Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch to ensure it's running the latest software version. To do this, go to "Settings" within the "Guess Link" app and select "About." If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

8. After completing the firmware update (if necessary), your Guess Connect C0002MB1 smartwatch should now be successfully connected and synced with your smartphone. You can use the "Guess Link" app to manage notifications, customize watch faces, track fitness goals, and more.

"How do I connect my Guess Connect smartwatch to my Android device using Bluetooth?"

To connect your Guess Connect smartwatch to your Android device via Bluetooth, follow these simple steps:
1. Make sure your watch and phone are both powered on and within close proximity of each other (around 10 meters). On your Android device, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth. Ensure Bluetooth is switched on and that it is in discoverable mode by selecting the "Make this device visible" option. The smartwatch should appear as a connectable device under available devices. Select your Guess Connect smartwatch to initiate pairing. Your phone will prompt you for a PIN or passkey to complete the connection. Enter "0000" (four zeros) and select "Pair". This will establish the Bluetooth connection between the watch and phone. You may be asked to grant permission for the smartwatch to access your device's settings and notifications, depending on the version of Android you are using. Follow the prompts provided by your device to grant these permissions.

Do you know that you can use Guess Connect C0002MB1 as a GPS Tracker?

All smart watches and sports bands equipped with GPS receivers such as Guess Connect C0002MB1 can be used as a GPS tracker. It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet - direct (eSIM) or indirect via a smartphone. In both cases, you can track your wearable device online in real time. More information is available on this GPS tracking platform for smartwatches.

What features has Guess Connect C0002MB1?

What kind of wireless communication do you need for activity tracking?

If you want to track your activity during training, you need a device that can communicate. Guess Connect C0002MB1 have several types of comunication. For example Bluetooth. The best activity truckers have Bluetooth and you can find them here. More information about wireless communication in activity trackers can be found in our article.