Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER

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Get ready to take on any adventure with the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER; a versatile watch with a stylish design, perfect to keep you looking sharp even on the wildest of outings.


The Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER smartwatch is a rugged and reliable timepiece designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. Made with a durable resin casing and strap, this watch is built to withstand the toughest conditions.

The watch has a variety of useful features that make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a multi-functional timepiece. It has a step counter, a heart rate monitor, and a GPS system that allows you to track your location and distance traveled during your workouts.

Additionally, the GBD-100-1ER has a variety of useful settings such as a countdown timer, stopwatch, and alarm. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to be synced with your smartphone. This feature makes it easy to receive notifications, messages, and updates without having to constantly check your phone.

The watch face is large and easy to read, with a high-contrast display that makes it easy to see in almost any lighting conditions. This feature is particularly useful for those who enjoy outdoor activities and sports that require them to be out in the sun for extended periods.

The GBD-100-1ER is water-resistant to a depth of up to 200 meters, which makes it ideal for swimming and other water-related activities. Additionally, the watch is shock-resistant, which means it can withstand impacts and vibrations without losing accuracy or functionality.

Overall, the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER smartwatch is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a durable, reliable, and multi-functional timepiece that is perfect for an active lifestyle. With its variety of features and rugged design, it is a watch that can keep up with you no matter where your adventures take you.


Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER properties

Product nameG-Shock GBD-100-1ER
SeriesCasio G-Shock
Colour (Watch)Black
Colour (Strap)Black
Glass TypeMineral
Water ResistantYes
Water Resistant (Classification)20 ATM (200m)
Smartphone CompatibilityAndroid, iPhone
Wireless CommunicationBluetooth
Bluetooth Version4.0
Weight69 g
Height58.2 mm
Thickness17.0 mm
Width49.3 mm

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Product name


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Colour -Watch

Colour -Strap

Glass Type

Water Resistant

Smartphone Compatibility


Wireless Communication

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3 reviews for Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER

  1. Easton Coffey

    I have been using the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER for the past few months now and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with its functionalities and features. As a lawyer in Fort Wayne, I always keep a close watch on time and my daily activities, and this smartwatch has proved to be a perfect companion for me.

    Firstly, I would like to mention the brand Casio, which has been known for its quality products in the market. The Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER is no exception to this. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions and is built to last long. The watch’s 17.0 mm thickness adds to its robustness and durability, making me worry less about the watch getting damaged during regular activities.

    Compared to other smartwatches and activity trackers in the market, this watch stands out. It not only shows time but also tracks my daily activities such as steps count, calories burnt, and exercise sessions. The watch’s battery life is commendable, and I only need to charge it once a week.

    The delivery of this smartwatch to Fort Wayne was smooth and hassle-free. I received the product in a timely fashion and was pleased with the packaging and the product’s quality.

    Overall, I would rate the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER 5 out of 5 and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable and functional smartwatch. It has been a great investment, and I look forward to using it for a long time.

  2. Brian Patrick

    I recently picked up the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER smartwatch and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed so far. As someone who works as a baggage handler in Pittsburgh, I needed a watch that could withstand some wear and tear, and this one has definitely delivered on that front.

    First off, let’s talk about the design – I went with the black color option and I have to say, it looks sleek and stylish without being too flashy. The width of 49.3mm is a bit larger than some other smartwatches I’ve seen, but I don’t mind the bulk as it makes it feel durable and rugged. It sits comfortably on my wrist and doesn’t feel too heavy or cumbersome.

    In terms of features, the G-Shock GBD-100-1ER definitely holds its own against other popular smartwatches and activity trackers. It has a step tracker, heart rate monitor, and various workout modes that are great for my active lifestyle. The Bluetooth connectivity allows me to receive notifications and control my music without having to take out my phone.

    One thing I will say is that the interface can be a bit tricky to navigate at first, but after some playing around I’ve gotten the hang of it. And while the battery life is decent, it’s not quite as long-lasting as some other options out there.

    Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase of the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER. It’s a stylish and reliable option for anyone who needs a durable watch that can keep up with an active lifestyle. Plus, the delivery to Pittsburgh was quick and hassle-free – I received my watch just a few days after ordering it online.

  3. Andre

    I purchased the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER last summer and have been using it as my daily activity tracker since then. The functionality of the watch is good, but unfortunately, it’s not without its flaws. In my opinion, it definitely deserves a 3 out of 5 rating.

    One of the primary things that attracted me to the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER was its rugged design. As a serviceman, I needed something that could withstand the rigors of my daily life. The watch’s build quality and ruggedness definitely meet my expectations. However, the watch is quite thick at 17.0 mm, which can make it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    In terms of features, the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER is a smartwatch that tracks a variety of activities. It’s also water-resistant and can be used for swimming. The watch’s Bluetooth connectivity also allows me to connect it to my smartphone and receive notifications on my wrist.

    Comparing it to another popular activity tracker, such as the Fitbit Charge 4, the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER definitely falls short in terms of style and features. The Fitbit Charge 4 is a slimmer, more stylish option that offers a variety of activity tracking features and has an integrated heart rate monitor and GPS.

    Regarding delivery, I purchased my Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER online and had it shipped to my Newark address. The delivery was quick, and I received the watch within a few days of ordering.

    Overall, while the Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER meets my need for a rugged activity tracker, it falls short in terms of style and advanced features compared to other smartwatches & activity trackers on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main features and functions of my Casio G-Shock GB-100-1ER smartwatch, and how do I access them?

The Casio G-Shock GB-100-1ER is a rugged smartwatch that offers multiple functions and features to help you stay connected and on top of your daily activities. Here are some of the main features and functions:

1. Timekeeping: The watch displays the current time and can be set to show the time in multiple time zones. You can also switch between 12-hour and 24-hour formats.

2. World Time: This feature allows you to view the time in over 300 cities around the world, making it easy to keep track of local times when traveling or communicating with people in different time zones.

3. Alarm: You can set up to five alarms on your watch, each with its own unique tone and schedule. The alarm will sound at the designated time, even if you're not wearing the watch.

4. Stopwatch: The stopwatch function lets you measure elapsed time, count down from a predetermined amount of time, or split times for multiple events. You can also use it to calculate average speeds and distances.

5. Tough Solar Power: The Casio G-Shock GB-100-1ER is powered by solar energy, so you don't need to worry about running out of battery. It charges even when exposed to indoor lighting or sunlight.

6. Connectivity: The watch connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to receive notifications for calls, texts, and social media updates directly on your wrist. You can also use it to control music playback and access other smart features on your phone.

7. Activity Tracking: The GB-100-1ER tracks your daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep patterns, helping you stay motivated towards achieving your fitness goals.

8. Water Resistance: This watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities.

To access these features on your Casio G-Shock GB-100-1ER smartwatch, simply navigate through the menus using the buttons on the side of the watch. You can customize settings such as time zones, alarms, and activity tracking preferences by following the prompts in each menu.

How do I switch between time zones on my Casio G-Shock GB-100-1ER watch?

To switch the time zone on your Casio G-Shock GB-100-1ER, follow these steps:

1. Hold down the 'Mode' button (located at the upper left of the watch face) until you see "SEL" displayed on the screen. This will enter the selection mode for various settings.

2. Press the 'Up' button (upper right) or the 'Down' button (lower right) to scroll through the menu options. You should see "WORLD TIME" highlighted, indicating that this is the current setting being displayed. If it is not highlighted, press the 'Up' button until it appears.

3. Once you have selected "WORLD TIME," press the 'Down' button again to scroll through the different world time zones available on your watch. Each zone is represented by a city name and its corresponding UTC offset.

4. When you find the city with the desired time zone, press the 'Up' or 'Down' buttons to select it.

5. The watch will now display the local time for that city. To confirm your selection, press any button except for the 'Mode' button.

6. If you want to switch between different cities and their corresponding time zones, simply repeat steps 3-5 as needed.

Note: If you don't see a specific city in the list of available time zones, it may not be included in your watch model's built-in database. In this case, consider updating your watch firmware to access more cities and their respective time zones.

How do I sync my Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER with my smartphone using Bluetooth technology?

To sync your Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology, follow these steps:

1. Make sure both your smartphone and watch are in close proximity (within 3 meters) and have Bluetooth enabled. Open the Casio Data Center app on your smartphone and create an account or log in to an existing one. Connect your watch to the app by going to the "Connections" tab, selecting "Add Device," and following the prompts. Once connected, you can customize settings such as time zone, alarms, and notifications through the app. To sync data, go to the "Sync" tab in the app and select your watch. Any changes made through the app will be automatically transferred to your watch. You can also receive notifications directly on your watch by enabling this feature in both the app and the watch settings. For further assistance, consult the user manual that came with your Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER or visit the Casio support website.

Do you know that you can use Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER as a GPS Tracker?

All smart watches and sports bands equipped with GPS receivers such as Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER can be used as a GPS tracker. It doesn't matter how you connect to the internet - direct (eSIM) or indirect via a smartphone. In both cases, you can track your wearable device online in real time. More information is available on this GPS tracking platform for smartwatches.

What features has Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER?

What kind of wireless communication do you need for activity tracking?

If you want to track your activity during training, you need a device that can communicate. Casio G-Shock GBD-100-1ER have several types of comunication. For example Bluetooth. The best activity truckers have Bluetooth and you can find them here. More information about wireless communication in activity trackers can be found in our article.