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Cube, Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, IR Illumination, Mobile App Controlled, Outdoor Usage, 1920×1080

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  1. G.F.

    Wow, I am impressed. This is a number of different security features rolled into one – and once it has been set up properly (would recommend a qualified electrician), it’s easy to use. We have been looking to get a camera for out the front for ages and with so many in the market we were very undecided on what to go for. We already had a outside light at that location so just unwired the current light and fitted this. The flood lights are super, on the app on the home screen you can turn them on and off and press the talk icon and speak to whoever is outside. It has a very sensitive microphone and amazingly clearly picks up conversations (it picks up my neighbour talking in his garage and we r a detached house nicely spaced out) the quality of the camera is great, you can clearly see the details of the person walking up to your house. I love the notification that pings through on your phone when outside activity is detected.
    We’ve had lots of enquiries from friends and family who all want to get one. Recommended.

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