SunPower SPR-MAX3-400


The SunPower SPR-MAX3-400 is a monocrystalline solar panel manufactured by SunPower. The panel has a maximum power output of 400 watts and is designed to operate at a voltage of 36.5 volts. It is part of the SunPower SPR-MAX3 series of solar panels, which are known for their high efficiency and performance.

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SunPower Maxeon panels combine high efficiency with the strongest durability and warranty available in the market today, resulting in more long-term energy and savings.


  • Temperature: −40° C to +85° C
  • Impact Resistance: 25 mm diameter hail at 23 m/s
  • Solar Cells: 104 Monocrystalline Maxeon Gen III
  • Tempered Glass: High-transmission tempered antireflective
  • Junction Box: IP-65, MC4, 3 bypass diodes
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Design Load: Wind 2660 Pa, 274 kg/m² front & back, Snow 4000 Pa 408 kg/m² front
  • Max. Load: Wind: 4000 Pa, 408 kg/m² front & back, Snow 6000 Pa, 611 kg/m² front
  • Frame Class: 1 black anodized (highest AAMA rating)

1 review for SunPower SPR-MAX3-400

  1. Isabella Reynolds

    My experience buying SunPower SPR-MAX3-400 Solar Panels from this online shop was nothing short of delightful, like finding a four-leaf clover or scoring the winning goal in a soccer match (except it’s more environmentally friendly). The panel’s technical aspects are truly out of this world – its efficiency is 22.6%, which is as impressive as nailing a triple backflip in gymnastics without breaking a sweat. Its 346 price tag was surprisingly affordable, making me feel like I won the lottery or found a hundred-dollar bill lying on the street (again, more environmentally friendly).
    In all seriousness, SunPower SPR-MAX3-400 Solar Panels are in a league of their own. They have a unique Maxeon solar cell technology that offers better performance and durability compared to conventional silicon solar cells. The panels use SunPower’s proprietary back contact design, which allows for higher efficiency and more power density. Plus, they come with a 25-year product warranty and a 92% efficiency guarantee after 25 years – talk about confidence!
    Comparing SunPower SPR-MAX3-400 to other popular Solar Panels is like comparing a Ferrari to a Toyota Corolla. While both can get you from point A to point B, one offers a smoother ride and better performance (and looks cooler). In terms of efficiency, SunPower panels consistently rank among the highest in the industry, outperforming many other top brands.
    As for price, while it may seem steep at first glance, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits. With their high efficiency rating and durability, these panels can save you money on energy bills over time. Plus, they come with an impressive warranty that gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.
    In conclusion, if you’re looking for top-of-the-line Solar Panels that will save you money in the long run and help reduce your carbon footprint, look no further than SunPower SPR-MAX3-400. It may cost a pretty penny upfront (like buying an actual penny made of gold), but trust me – it’s worth every cent!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"How do I properly install and connect the SunPower SPR-MAX3-400 solar panels in my residential system?"

First, ensure that you have all necessary equipment and tools before starting the installation process. This includes mounting hardware, wiring materials, a multimeter, a torque wrench, a ladder, and safety gear such as gloves and eye protection. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for panel placement, taking into account factors such as shading, orientation, and roof pitch. The SPR-MAX3-400 panels are designed for installation in either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on your specific requirements. Carefully mount the panels using the appropriate hardware and fasteners. Use a torque wrench to ensure that all bolts are tightened to the correct torque value as specified by SunPower. Connect the panels in series or parallel, depending on your system design. A multimeter can be used to check the voltage and current of each panel, ensuring they match with the rest of the string. Install the necessary junction boxes and wiring connections between panels, following SunPower's wiring diagrams for safe and efficient installation. Connect the system to a compatible inverter or charge controller, again following the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Finally, test the system thoroughly to ensure that it is operating correctly and meeting your energy needs. Use a multimeter to measure voltage, current, and power output at various points in the system, verifying that all components are functioning properly. Throughout the installation process, always prioritize safety first by wearing appropriate gear, following best practices for ladder use, and avoiding any hazards such as live electrical wiring or falling objects. Regularly monitor your solar panels to ensure they continue to operate at optimal efficiency over time, making necessary adjustments as needed to keep the system running smoothly.

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