Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS


Canadian Solar is a leading solar panel manufacturer that offers a range of high-quality solar modules designed to provide maximum power output and efficiency.

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Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS

Their Half Cell mono-PERC cell technology is an innovative approach to solar panel design that utilizes half-cut cells to increase the overall power output of the module.

This technology allows for higher efficiency and better performance in low-light conditions, resulting in greater energy production over the life of the panel.

Type: Monocrystalline
Dimensions 76.4″ x 41.3″ x 1.38″
Weight 51.6 lbs
Connector Junction Box – IP68, 3 bypass diodes
(MC4 connectors)
Power: 390 W

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  1. Austin Tran

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended installation procedure for Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS solar panels?

To install Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS solar panels, follow these steps:

1. Choose a suitable location: Identify an area that receives direct sunlight with minimal shade or obstruction. The roof of your home is often the best choice for mounting the panels. Ensure that the roof structure can support the weight of the panels and racking system. Prepare the site: Remove any debris, leaves, or dust from the installation area to ensure a clean surface for mounting the solar panels. Install the racking system: Choose a suitable racking system that fits your roof type and slope. Attach the racking system to the roof using appropriate hardware such as lag bolts or roof clamps. Ensure proper alignment and leveling of the racking system. Mount the solar panels: Place each solar panel onto the racking system, making sure they are aligned correctly. Use appropriate mounting brackets or clips to securely attach the solar panels to the racking system. Tighten all bolts and screws to ensure a sturdy connection. Connect the wiring: Route the wires from each solar panel to the inverter. The inverter will convert DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used in your home. Use waterproof connectors to join the wires and make sure they are properly labeled for easy identification. Install the inverter: Mount the inverter in a location close to the main electrical panel of your home, preferably indoors or in a weatherproof enclosure. Connect the output wires from the solar panels to the input terminals of the inverter. Connect the system to the grid: Install a grid-tie breaker at the main electrical panel of your home. This will isolate your solar energy system from the power grid when needed, such as during maintenance or repairs. Consult with a licensed electrician for proper installation and connection of the grid-tie breaker. Conduct an inspection: Once all components are installed and connected, have a professional inspect the installation to ensure it meets local building codes and safety standards. Monitor your system: Install a solar monitoring system to track the performance of your solar energy system. This will help you identify any issues or inefficiencies in the system and make necessary adjustments for optimal performance.

How do I properly install and connect a Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS solar panel to my system?

To properly install and connect a Canadian Solar CS3N-390MS solar panel to your system, please follow these steps:

1. Choose the appropriate location for the solar panel based on sunlight exposure and any other relevant factors such as shade or obstruction. Prepare the surface by ensuring it is clean, level, and free of debris. Use a mounting bracket or rail system to securely attach the panel to the chosen location. Connect the positive (+) and negative (-) leads from the solar panel to your electrical system using MC4 connectors. Make sure the connections are tight and secure. Verify that all wiring is properly labeled and organized for safety and maintenance purposes. Conduct regular inspections of the system, including the solar panels, to ensure they are functioning properly and there are no visible signs of damage or wear. Perform routine cleaning and maintenance on the panels as needed to maximize their efficiency and lifespan. Always prioritize safety by following proper electrical safety guidelines and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with electrical systems. If you are not confident in your ability to properly install and connect a solar panel, we recommend consulting a qualified professional for assistance. Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and any relevant local codes and standards when installing and connecting solar panels. Finally, perform the task to the best of your ability, taking care not to cut corners or compromise safety in the pursuit of efficiency or convenience.

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