Deltaco DEL-109P



Power Cable, No, Extension Cable, CEE 7/4, IEC C14, Black, Cable Included

Deltaco DEL-109P properties

Product nameDEL-109P
TypePower Cable
FeaturesCable Included
Cable Length0.2 m
Contact for Power SourceIEC C14
ConnectorCEE 7/4
Area of Use (Cable)Extension Cable
Maximum Power (without spikes)10.0 A
Weight0.2 g

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Product name

Product type



Cable Length

Contact for Power Source


Area of Use -Cable

Maximum Power




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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the voltage range for which the Deltaco DEL-109P is designed?

The Deltaco DEL-109P is a low noise, high efficiency variable ac/dc power supply specifically designed to meet the needs of test and measurement equipment. It provides adjustable output voltages from 3 volts up to 60 volts DC with an output current capability of up to 4 Amps. This makes it suitable for use in various applications such as electronic instrumentation, semiconductor testing, laboratory research, and general purpose power supply requirements.

What is the maximum voltage and amperage rating for the Deltaco DEL-109P outlet strip?

The Deltaco DEL-109P Outlet Strip has a maximum voltage rating of 125 volts and a maximum amperage rating of 15 Amps.

"How do I properly install and connect the Deltaco DEL-109P to my electrical system?"

To properly install and connect the Deltaco DEL-109P to your electrical system, follow these steps:

1. Turn off power to the electrical circuit where you will be installing the DEL-109P. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mounting the device in a convenient location near your electrical panel or other desired installation point. Use appropriate hardware and tools for the specific mounting surface, such as drywall anchors or concrete screws. Connect the leads from the DEL-109P to the corresponding wires in your electrical system. The exact wiring configuration will depend on the specific application and circuit design, but generally, you'll want to connect the "LOAD" terminals to the output side of the circuit (such as a light fixture or motor), and the "LINE" terminals to the input side of the circuit (such as the electrical panel). Use wire nuts or other appropriate connectors to secure the connections. Attach the cover plate to the front of the device, if desired, to protect the terminals from dust and debris. Make sure the cover plate is properly secured and doesn't interfere with the operation of the switch or overload protection. Restore power to the electrical circuit and test the DEL-109P to ensure that it's functioning correctly. Check that the switch or overload protection operates as expected, and verify that the loads are properly protected against overcurrent conditions. Label the device with appropriate identification, such as the circuit name or number, to help you remember which circuit is being protected. This can make it easier to troubleshoot issues or perform maintenance in the future. Regularly inspect the DEL-109P and surrounding wiring for signs of damage, wear, or excessive heat. Replace any damaged components immediately and address any underlying issues that may be contributing to the overcurrent conditions. Follow all safety precautions and guidelines when working with electrical equipment, including using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and locking out the circuit before making any repairs or modifications. Consider consulting a licensed electrical professional if you're unsure about how to properly install or connect the DEL-109P, or if you have questions about your specific application. They can provide expert guidance and advice based on their experience and knowledge of electrical systems and safety standards.

"How do I properly wire a Deltaco DEL-109P device to replace an existing switch in my home?"

To replace an existing switch with a Deltaco DEL-109P device, follow these steps:
1. Turn off power to the circuit at the main electrical panel. Remove the cover plate and the old switch from the wall box. Disconnect the wires from the old switch and connect them to the corresponding terminals on the DEL-109P device. The black wire from the ceiling light or outlet should be connected to the black terminal, while the white wire from the ceiling light or outlet should be connected to the silver terminal. If there is a green grounding wire, connect it to the green terminal. Securely fasten the DEL-109P device into the wall box using the screws provided. Attach the cover plate securely and turn the power back on at the main electrical panel. Test the new switch to ensure proper operation.