Raspberry PI is a small PC computer with ARM CPU on board. It can be simply used as central controller of your home or office logical network. 


Raspberry PI is heart of our every system. 

Raspberry PI is not a ordinary PC or Laptop. It is equipped with  GPIO Headers, JTAG Headers, RCA video out, Audio out, status LED, DSI Display connector, SD CARD SLOT, micro USB power (5V 1A DC), Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 700 Mhz, CSI connter camera, ethernet out, USB 2.0.


The mainboard is Broadcom BCM2835. The Central Processor Unit is 700Mhz ARM11 family.
The weight is 45g. The size is 86,50 mm width and 53,98 mm height. The operating systems
are Arch Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora.

Pretty impressive ?

You can collect analog and digital data from variety inputs like temperature sensor, photocells , PIR detectors and many others.  



If you already have Raspberry PI, you can install on it our BeSmart Server