Our mission is to provide the latest and professional technology for controlling buildings using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Our products are solutions that do not require the high cost of installation and operation. We use a public and widely used solutions based on open source servers such as Apache, Linux and other systems. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers, so that each of them was satisfied.


We try to use electronic devices that have a state in their homes and businesses , such as TVs with support for DLNA , tablet , smartphone , wifi routers , acces points , phones , cameras, and webcams. Our goal is to create a global network of building management , which can be controlled from a single device , via the Internet, remotely , when the state does not have . Our solutions can be complementary or may replace the alarm systems in your home, because we use motion sensors , photocells , cameras for video surveillance and motion detection devices of various kinds.


For each installation approach with individual commitment, wanting to be sure that we will use all available resources in your place of residence or work. We focus on the use of low-cost components due to their widespread use and our knowledge allows them to get maximum performance out of them . In our installations often use devices that were not originally purchased with a view to the installation of smart homes. But thanks to the use of electromagnetic relays or systems based on microcontrollers obtain extend the functionality of these devices. An example might be the use of video intercom keypad to control other devices.

In 2017 we have expanded the range of services to address issues related to tracking devices and the security of buildings and centers requiring 24/7 security.

We work with security companies and installers of alarms and other security services.