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Why Leicester - Introduction

Why should I go to Leicester ? T9T Mobile Phones is worth seeing, that is situated 132 Carlton Rd, Nottingham NG3 2BB, United Kingdom, 46 miles next to Ltd in north-east direction. If you have problem with electronics, consider visit Smart Recruitment UK Ltd placed Charnwood Court, New Walk, Leicester LE1 6TE, United Kingdom, 1 miles next to Home Automation DIY Smart Home Automation Training in south-east direction. If you look for parts to your smart installation, its good to check Panasonic Store that could be found at 7 Saint Martins Walk, Leicester LE1 5DF, United Kingdom, which is about less than 2 miles from Apple Store going south-east. If you have problem with electronics, make a checkpoint near Smart Dragon Consulting placed Rupert St, Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom, placed 1 miles near Look Smart Embroidery Ltd on the south-east. If you are looking for complete solution, try with Smart Valves Ltd that could be found at Uxbridge Rd, Leicester LE4 7ST, United Kingdom, placed 2 miles near Look Smart Embroidery Ltd on the north-east. There is a hotel, its good to check Spindle Lodge located at 2 W Walk, Leicester LE1 7NA, United Kingdom, placed 1 miles near Travelodge Hotel - Leicester Central on the south-east.

Smart homes - home automation in Leicester

The variety of electronics devices that are used in home automation can rapidly increase your life comfort. If you are looking for a proven home automation solution provider in areas such as lighting control, garage door control, window shutters and automatic alarm control, air conditioning, heating or watering your lawn, you can rely on our proven partners in Leicester. We work with many local companies in the region to provide cheap, secure and functional solutions on the market. We offer the ability to control a remote home alarm using a smartphone or tablet. Our automation and intelligent home solutions are a great compromise between price and quality.


7b, St Georges Retail Park, St Georges Way, Leicester LE1 1SG, United Kingdom

Vas Electronics

48 Gleneagles Ave, Leicester LE4 7GB, United Kingdom

Glenfield Electronics

168 Fosse Rd N, Leicester LE3 5ES, United Kingdom

D C S Receivers & Electronics Ltd

Business Base, 16 Swan St, Leicester LE3 5AW, United Kingdom


97 Granby St, Leicester LE1 6FD, United Kingdom

Nedis UK Ltd

1 Sanvey Gate, Leicester LE1 4EP, United Kingdom

Samsung Experience Store | Leicester

Upper Mall, 50 Shires Lane, Leicester LE1 4AN, United Kingdom

Apple Highcross

Upper Mall, Highcross, Leicester LE1 4FT, United Kingdom

Lee Electronics Ltd

58 Newton Ln, Wigston LE18 3SF, United Kingdom


Kiosk 9 Haymarket Centre, 13 Humberstone Mall, Leicester LE1 3YB, United Kingdom

Mainline Electronics

190 Little Glen Rd, Glen Parva, Leicester LE2 9TT, United Kingdom

Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd

Kendal House, 20 Blaby Rd, Wigston LE18 4SB, United Kingdom

Bang & Olufsen of Leicester

15 Allandale Rd, Leicester LE2 2DA, United Kingdom

Currys PC World featuring Carphone Warehouse

St Georges Retail Park, St Georges Way, Leicester LE1 1SG, United Kingdom

Currys PC World featuring Carphone Warehouse

1, Fosse Park South, Everard Way, Narborough, Leicester LE19 1UT, United Kingdom

Glenfield Television

142-150 Station Rd, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8BR, United Kingdom

Marks Electrical

111-115 King Richards Rd, Leicester LE3 5QG, United Kingdom

Tebbatt Kitchens & Electronics

The Crossroads, Anstey Lane, Thurcaston, Leicester, Leicestershire LE7 7JA, United Kingdom

Oakland Electronics Ltd

9 Oakland Rd, Leicester LE2 6AN, United Kingdom


3, Willowbrook Retail Park, Derby Rd, Loughborough LE11 5HG, United Kingdom

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