For home use we offering you the following FREE products:


- BeSmart Home Server-  - the heart of every smart house


- Web Management Console for your house - a management tool for configuring your environment


- Android client for remote management - Android application for your smartphone or tablet


- Free CCTV monitoring -complex system for free & effective CCTV remote monitoring


Smartphone software solutions requires no special equipment , just a smartphone and a number of modules that control garage doors , lighting. Installing our software requires no special skills or a lot of time . This can be done by anyone who downloads and installs our software .


Our company provides special modules that control the drive door or lighting system , heating and watering. Installation is simple and fast. Control over the elements in a system takes place using the Web Console ( from the desktop or laptop ) and Android Console ( level smartphone running Android ) .


Application workspace can be customized to suit your needs , so that, for example, to display the appropriate number of cameras or hide some unneeded sections currently . As a result, we can easily take care of the ergonomics of the screen and work quickly and easily with the application. All areas of the house controlled from a single location is incredibly convenient solution .


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