Will I have the opportunity to control the air conditioner PortaTemp 4500 A using my smartphone?

4500 A PortaTemp air conditioner is a device designed to reduce the temperature in industrial facilities. Therefore, the industrial halls are often equipped with a monitoring system SmartHome can make the control of the entire hall will have in a single device. Installation and integration of the system does not make any trouble, and the monitoring of air conditioning will make you have to keep the temperature data on industrial hall, which will help to monitor performance and working conditions in your workplace. It is perfect solution for bigger and smaller company owner and also for security agency.

4500 A PortaTemp air conditioner is a device which is a temporary lowering of the temperature in industrial facilities. Can get lowering the temperature up to 10 ° C regardless of whether it is large or small area. In addition, check in various applications such as fairs and exhibitions, laboratories, offices and commercial shops, party tents, makeshift quarters, storage and production, control measurement and control, cooling during peak hours. Performance and functionality PortaTemp 4500 are adapted to the variable environmental conditions require. In this model, the warm air is discharged to the outside by means of two cables connected to the rear of the aircraft. There is the option to buy the exhaust air flow divider to the device type spotcooling PortaTemp 4500 A. It facilitates greatly the cooling air supply in a particular place, you want to cool off.

The characteristic features of the air conditioner PortaTemp 4500 A:

- Mobility
- Robust design
- Coolant is air
- Followed by the temperature control thermostat
- Glass and simple to run in place of operation (almost no installation work)
- Ready for immediate use, after a few minutes
- Conveyor Rollers (fits in each pass, and the elevator)
- Flow Regulator
- Controlled gas defrosting unit (guarantee uninterrupted cooling process)